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Sanraku, San Francisco

Our last evening in San Francisco called for a memorable meal to cap off what had been an AMAZING seven days all round. We’d happily filled our belly’s with brunch and snacks earlier that day, so by the time evening arrived we were up for something lighter.   855 more words


LA Sushi - Sushi at The Crest

LA Sushi isn’t in Los Angeles… it’s actually located in The Crest in Burnaby. 115 more words

Restaurant Review

Unagi pastries contain no eel, tons of cuteness

Even though I was an extremely finicky eater growing up, my palate has broadened quite a bit since moving to Japan. In the years I’ve spent living in Tokyo and Yokohama, I’ve become convinced that cooking a cut of tuna is the quickest way to ruin its flavor, spicy cod roe makes an excellent pasta sauce, and that chicken cartilage isn’t just something you can eat, but should. 457 more words


Day Trip to Nagoya

Last Saturday I went out west to the city of Nagoya with a few friends. We had tickets to the sumo tournament in Nagoya (more on that later), but decided to head out early to go sightseeing around town and eat some of the foods that Nagoya is famous for. 497 more words

Fukuoka: Yoshizuka Unagiya

A quick discovery of our shared love for unagi led Kodai, Kyohei, Carly and I to brave the 45 minute wait for grilled eel goodness. Unagi is famously known to be a Japanese summer delicacy, because the Japanese believe it gives them strength to get through the long, hot summer days. 341 more words


2. Yesterday .. 昨日.. אֶתְמוֹל ..

Yesterday i woke up feeling i am already late..

It was 5 AM..

I had a very busy day ahead of me and the day was already very hot,  so my solution to this early feeling that i am already late was: I moved to a different room, turned on the air cooler, and went back to sleep for another hour. 191 more words


Standing Sushi Bar

The Chubs are not just about lunches. Sometimes we are about dinners too. It happened that today was a hectic day at work which stretched into the evening and when we heard the rumbly of the tummy, it was time to look for a dinner place right in the heart of the CBD. 309 more words