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Kate Bush -‘Strange Phenomena’ from The Kick Inside

Sometimes things are too good. Kate Bush is a multi-instrumentalist from Britain who has a prolific past. Her latest album is from 2011, entitled: 50 Words for Snow.

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China: Miner Survived 17 Years Underground

PC/29 Sept2014

Survivor’s face of extreme mixed emotion

    On Tuesday, October 19, 2010 

  – Chile’s 33 miners were trapped in a half-mile underground for 69 days, when part of their mine collapsed, and for 17 days they were feared dead. 445 more words

8-27-14 The Glass Has Water In It

Today ended the “Abigail/Lilah Transition Show” as it is time for us all to go our separate ways. These are the last two photographs I took. 11 more words


15 Unbelievable coincidences you didn't knew between Abraham Lincoln and John F.Kennedy

Last week I was texting my friend via whatsapp. After a long conversation,I asked about a church to her.She replied what an COINCIDENCE ,I was about to visit that church tomorrow. 392 more words

Abraham Lincoln

6 Types of Facebookers

Social Media has become such an integral part of society’s life that its literally been credited with starting revolutions in the Middle East and galvanizing charitable movements into the stratosphere of popularity – witness the ALS Challenge. 1,000 more words

Gen Y


The massive gypsum crystals found in Mexico’s Naica mine are spectacular to behold. The meter-thick beams of translucent crystal stretch across a life-threateningly hot and humid chamber deep within a Mexican mountain. 9 more words

Helper Stone