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An Unbelievable faith? An interview with Justin Brierley

I recently had the immense privilege to interview Justin Brierley who hosts the British show Unbelievable? bringing together Christians and non-Christians for fruitful conversations. Since the sound of our conversation is of very low quality, I transcribed it. 2,402 more words


Oh sure, I should probably do an introduction or something...

To start, this is more for me than anybody else. If you happen to love the shit I post here, that’s awesome. If you don’t, I really do not give a shit. 1,218 more words


101 posts of Wolfing

This post you’re reading right now is my 101st blog post. I actually never thought I’d write so much, I started this blog with a thought that no one will ever read it and that I will probably delete this blog after the first few months. 284 more words


15 Unbelievable Wedding Cake Creations From Our Genuine Weddings!

Most of us have seen a few unbelievable cakes on television programmes and on the internet, but sometimes they just don’t seem that real. We’ve put together some of our favourite wedding cake creations from our real brides to show you that you can have your dream cake too – no matter how craz… by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

First wave of quotes

“It’s a metaphor…”Says the unemployed gentleman at the shitty coffee chain, on a Tuesday afternoon.

“I am a story teller”Says the goddamn GRAPHIC DESIGNER… 18 more words


The craziest skydiving story you have never heard

After ejecting at 9 miles high William Rankin’s parachute automatically deployed as he entered a thunderstorm cell.  Blind, bloody and frostbiting he traveled 65 miles from his point of ejection before slamming into a tree trunk under canopy.   29 more words