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Drunk monkeys and invisible cows...

Drunk monkeys with typing skills gain access to a laptop, and use their internet connection to hire dwarfs with superpowers for unrevealed purpose.

i wanted to find something interesting to write an article on, so that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I started thinking about it. 199 more words


It's unbelievable

I don’t know what you do
It’s unbelievable
You’re dangerous and tainted
But you’re daring and handsome
Dark but magical
You want the world
But baby at what price… 30 more words



If my life was a movie people would walk out of the theater shaking their heads saying… “No way that actually happened.” Well, it did. 1,407 more words


First Host Family



So today was the first time I moved families after being here for nearly 7 months. This has probably been the biggest bump in my exchange. 303 more words

Chicks just as crazy as the crazy guys they deal with

You wouldn’t believe some of the crazy shit chicks do for guys locked up. I mean some of the stuff is so crazy even I’m a little shocked. 975 more words


good, clean fun?

Well, back in my day, fun was chalk on the driveway, biking in the streets (sweet, sweet suburbia) and water balloon fights in the summertime. As a teenager, fun was sleepovers. 313 more words