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Chapter 14- Another Delay

As quickly as the storm had started it stopped. Theo was still starring at where the column of light had been. What had just happened? I know that in the mountains where the Jaberwockys lived, there had been reports of storms just starting and stopping, but in a mushroom field, I did’t think it was possible. 953 more words


Chapter 13-

“Theo what do you mean? I’m right here, how can I be dead?” My mind was racing with worry.
“Max your old body is dying. When a person enters Underland their body becomes a shell basically. 485 more words


Chapter 12 part 2- Ruined Birthday

I couldn’t believe it. Seriously Alyss always got in the way. Why couldn’t I have had a sister who was like me? My hair was ruined, so was everything else. 939 more words


Chapter 12 part one- What's Wonderland?

“Alyss! Wake up already!” My sister was in my room. The only reason she would be in my room is if our parents made her. 760 more words


A Very Merry Unbirthday to The Weez.

Me: OH MY GA! What’s wrong? Do we need an ambulance? What? What? What?!?!
The Weez: Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember are coming here in October!!! 1,114 more words

The Weez

Start Each Day Like It's Your Birthday

What a wonderful concept, to wake up everyday and imagine it’s your birthday. I’ve been trying to find way to wake up excited and happy for the day but nothing has worked. 327 more words

Alice In Wonderland