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Start Each Day Like It's Your Birthday

What a wonderful concept, to wake up everyday and imagine it’s your birthday. I’ve been trying to find way to wake up excited and happy for the day but nothing has worked. 327 more words

Alice In Wonderland

I am One Hundred and Three


That’s a lie, this blog is actually now 31 days old. I have tried my best to make a post every day, ‘cept sometimes have been over socialized and want to do nothing more than hide in a corner and stare at nothing-ness. 794 more words

Dear Diary

Strange segmentation fault in C when using malloc

I haven’t programmed in C for many years, so this might be a no-brainer. When I try to read out some variables x,y,z inside a malloc’d struct, I get a segmentation fault on running the compiled binary. 151 more words