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Day 21: Cake in Wonderland

I made a cake today, so there’s that.

I have made it for my sisters from another mister, my dormice. I missed them so and I’m going to see them all tomorrow and I am so stoked about that, so I baked a cake. 204 more words

Day 20: Tuesday in Wonderland

So it is 11:48 and I have to write 200 words within that timeframe and publish it. I can do this.

I had a minor breakdown last night, over the dumbest shit. 208 more words

Day 9.5: Twisted in Wonderland

I’m watching my favorite online musical, Twisted, a parody of Wicked and Aladdin, and its beautiful. It really makes me happy. you should check it out. 454 more words

Day 1: Welcome to Wonderland

So, welcome to Wonderland.

This is the beginning of our journey delving into the mind of Grace, a befuddled young woman battling her own demons and whimsy in her own personal Wonderland. 472 more words

Finally got a job...or three!

I’ve been trying to find a job in the industry for so long and had been applying for at least 10 jobs a week.

I got an email from a guy from a catering company called Paella Amor, and then he never got back to me for 2 weeks. 211 more words


Chapter 14- Another Delay

As quickly as the storm had started it stopped. Theo was still starring at where the column of light had been. What had just happened? I know that in the mountains where the Jaberwockys lived, there had been reports of storms just starting and stopping, but in a mushroom field, I did’t think it was possible. 953 more words


Chapter 13-

“Theo what do you mean? I’m right here, how can I be dead?” My mind was racing with worry.
“Max your old body is dying. When a person enters Underland their body becomes a shell basically. 485 more words