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I am One Hundred and Three


That’s a lie, this blog is actually now 31 days old. I have tried my best to make a post every day, ‘cept sometimes have been over socialized and want to do nothing more than hide in a corner and stare at nothing-ness. 794 more words


New media and astonishing hypocrisy

Hi again my dear devoted beloved readers. As you may have noticed optimism, bliss and self-esteem have overflown from my last post so I made some thinking and decided to be somewhat negative this time, why being too positive? 782 more words


A Very Merry Unbirthday

Jo Blox on their best behavior.

Our quilting group Jo Blox like an excuse to get together for a meal and a drink or two. We have a gap in the calendar at this time of year with no birthdays to celebrate, so we have, over the past few years come up with a solution. 247 more words