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Human Life Matters!

Human or Not?

Human or Not?

Human or Not?

Human or Not?

Disputes over common moral issues are never ending. Issues involved in such topics as the death penalty, euthanasia, and as discussed in this post, abortion, are heavily disputed amongst conservatives, liberals, and moderates alike. 580 more words

Justifying the Desire to Sing to Your Unborn Baby

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest privileges in life. Going through a pregnancy is definitely tough, but the idea that you’re carrying—protecting, even—the fragile beginnings of a life inside you often fills mothers with such pride. 195 more words


Rounding Out at Week 33

Dear Bundle,

We’re rounding out at Week 33 and things are starting to get really busy around here. Our doctor appointments have been bumped up to every two weeks. 326 more words

Dear Bundle

Bundle's Blanket

Dear Bundle,

Upon my trip to Albuquerque, I was presented with a very special gift. Well, actually, YOU were.

Your Grandma Rael has been working on your quilt day and night.  278 more words

Leonie Lueddeke

Happy Father's Day from Baby Bundle

Dear Daddy,

I’m ready to be your little buddy! I hope you like your card. Mommy helped.

Dear Bundle

The BabySafe Project

Valerie from over at Atlana mom of three  asked me to join on board The BabySafe Project and help raise awareness.

I’m all for raising awareness. 164 more words



“what is my strength that I should hope?”

That comes from Job but I also wonder, what is there to hope for? I have nothing left except emptiness and sadness.

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