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Only For Myself...?

Not only have I seen this as a recurrent (and often early) post throughout the world of blogs, but I’ve written it myself in the past: “I write for me, and me alone.” I wonder why there’s this apparent need to affirm ones reasons for writing, to clarify that it’s “just for me” and further, I’ve always harbored an uncertainty about how true it really is. 304 more words

Streams Of Thought

124. Unbound: People Power in Publishing...

This week I am in my hometown doing¬†little but research and prepare the launch of a Kickstarter crowd-funding project to publish my first book: ‘ 475 more words


It tranverses the whole of the human spectrum, age, race, religion, any category you would use to group man.
Freely and willingly given straightens out things, arrogantly denied and hell breaks loose. 6 more words

Speaking Mind

Two days on from 9/11: Fishing in the Aftermath, New York 9/13/2001 by @SalenaGodden

Thirteen years ago today Salena Godden was stranded in New York. In a friend’s apartment she wrote what would become the title poem of her Burning Eye collection Fishing in the Aftermath – Poems 1994-2014.¬† 138 more words


Getting all bound up...

Crowd-funding is beginning to really take off in the world of publishing…

The wonderful indie publisher And Other Stories have sort of been doing it for ages based upon a subscription model. 409 more words

Publishers & Journals

Unbound...A Truer Word Has Never Described Software

Very occasionally a tool or software package stands-out to me on the pure virtue of being the right solution at the right time. If it happens to do exactly what you need RIGHT NOW, and other, perhaps more traditional, mature or well-known tools cannot, the best fit becomes clear. 919 more words


Unbound and Free

I have for so long wanted a name
All I am, I created
Refined from what I have never been
And will never be again… 43 more words