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Pebble Steel Smartwatch Unboxing!

After waiting for a vigorous two months, finally, finally, the Pebble Steel Ships with 2 day shipping and a discount from Pebble. This was surprising to me yet this gives me a better feeling for waiting on for this device. 216 more words


Unboxing a Package from Nerf (Spring 2014 Line) (Vote For the Next Review!)

My latest pack from Nerf is on the Mega, some of the Zombie Strike, and Super Soaker spring lines. Feel free to leave me a comment let me know what blaster you wanted reviewed next! 91 more words


Google Nexus 7 (2013) Unboxing!

This is a late unboxing since I did start YouTube again at the end of 2013, I didn’t get the Nexus 7 and of course not on time. 10 more words


Zoom H4n Unboxing and First Impressions!

I used my ZoomH4n to voice over this video to show the significant change from using the mic in a camera to a actual mic. You can head over to my YouTube to check out any of my video and compare the audio difference. 47 more words


Das Keyboard Unboxing

I unbox the Das Keyboard Cherry MX Blue Windows version which is one of the best keyboards out there as well as a mechanical keyboard. Many forget about the mechanical keyboards and uses the membrane keyboards which is usually packed and shipped in the computers today, here is the unboxing of the keyboard and lets see what is inside. 11 more words