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She Stands There...

She stands there. Looking at me. Her back is to the ocean and we are on the beach. A whip of wind blows a tress of hair across her face. 388 more words


Writer's Shootout!

Howdy folks,

Want to play another game?  No?  Too bad!

The Writer’s Shootout will attempt to become (yet another) exercise for my writing and an installment for uncaffeinated, with a twist.   277 more words


her: My Emotional Experience

While visiting my family in Buffalo and knowing we would inevitably watch a movie or two after dinner, I used the occasion to finally pick up a copy of “her” (a Spike Jonze Joint). 1,181 more words


The Case of the Caged Killer: Complete Draft

Ok folks.  It’s done…FINALLY. Well not completely still have edits before it may be submitted for publication. With that said, please check out my completed story of “The Case of The Caged Killer.” I realize you were promised a musical montage at the end, but I ended up nixing the idea from the suggestion of using an opera and giving it a twist instead. 6,880 more words


The Case of the Caged Killer - Part Three

A quick note: Since there is a good possibility that Delia will be in a continuing series franchise, my publisher requested that I remove Delia’s name from this story.   1,888 more words


Free Kindle Book Promotion!

The Kindle Promotion for “How to Milk a Butterfly” is up and running.  Please stop by the link that follows, pick up your FREE copy of the book, and help spread Delia’s name.   31 more words


HtMaB Kindle Promotion Update!

Bah!  Made a slight goof with the promotional service.  The Kindle version of How to Milk a Butterfly will be free starting midnight TONIGHT and go until midnight Sunday (07/13).   33 more words