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The café was as if re-animated from the dead. In an original-featured building, twice closed down, it sat, plonked, suspended in time. It felt like one of the erstwhile Lewis’s cafes had been re-born and placed, belatedly, there.The espresso was NOT espresso; and the café boasted a “most improved eatery” award(improved from…what?!?!) 186 more words


An Other in the Self

A Response to F407, “One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –” by Emily Dickinson

            Emily Dickinson’s poem F407, “One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –” explores a person whose soul is simultaneously independent from and united with its body. 2,350 more words


Dolls and the Uncanny

I have a china doll of which I am very fond. It was given to me in childhood by a family friend, and I loved it, though it (she – her name is Emily) fell off a step and consequently has a cracked face. 663 more words


Uncanny X-Men Volume Two Issue 9

Writer Kieron Gillen

Penciler Carlos Pacheco

Inker Cam Smith

Colors Guru eFX

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Dated May 2012

Also from the cover, AvX is one month away so this was the last story to show them working together as a team.  1,982 more words