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Attack of the Space Unicorn Limericks

So Uncanny Magazine is for real a thing! It hit every last one of its stretch goals! I couldn’t be prouder of Lynne and Michael Thomas, or more excited to be part of their project. 145 more words

New Podcast: Boy with Apple: The "Comfortable Uncanny" in the Films of Wes Anderson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet

[MP3 version]

With films like The Life Aquatic, Amélie, and the recent Grand Budapest Hotel, the directors Wes Anderson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet are known for the slightly weird, sometimes unsettling twists that they give to reality. 399 more words


Maureen "Misunderstood" McDonnell

This story has it all: rising devout Catholic, Republican ex-governor of Virginia, beautiful wife, and $177,000 in gifts from crackpot medical salesman. The governor’s defense is that he and his wife weren’t speaking to eachother when they were living in the Governor’s Mansion. Please keep it coming!

Public Space

The Uncanny.

After quite a long silence, here is one of the most recent projects I did for my University before going on a summer brake.

It is a play on Tableau photography , meant to explore the Freudian idea that as we grow up, we tend to start fearing things that we liked/enjoyed as children, for example the idea of toys coming alive, being the only person in the world. 30 more words


Art & Nothing But

Blog has been somewhat neglected since it is no longer being assessed. I will upload progress info and the like of anything I think is of importance and finished pieces of work. 187 more words

Get some power.

Whatever else might be said about this TED talk, the speaker is DEFINITELY voiced by Parks and Recreation’s Rob Lowe. It is freaking uncanny.

Here he (Rob Lowe, not the TED talker) is, calling Amy Poehler a prick in a video pleasantly laden with statements less-attractive hosts would be forced to resign over: 49 more words