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Fanart for Run To Earth

I got these amazing fanart pieces for Run To Earth from a talented illustrator, Nytastic. Feel free to check out her Facebook page – Nytastic

Here they are:


The art of Andrew Reid Wildman at the Brief, Hull

I discovered the Brief on an afternoon of heavy, mithering rain. Indeed I do confess, I was quite cross. Tempers were tested, words said, and it was agreed between me and my similarly flustered spouse that a coffee break was in order. 111 more words

Andrew Reid Wildman

Progress in our Kenyan CDM Programme of Activities (PoA)

The last meeting of the CDM Executive Board was an important one for co2balance; despite monitoring our PoA within the strict requirements of the methodology, we found we would be unable to claim carbon credits because we had followed updated (and improved) guidance related to choosing sample sizes.   194 more words


To the eyes that stare at my

beauty when the heavens shiver

at my wonder ; I give the night.

To wander in solitude, where… 131 more words


Shades of grey

“From where I come from, my life has always been black and white. The world was always black and white. There have never been any other shades in-between, either you were on that side or this, the black or the white. 210 more words


Introducing our new kangaroo

Our new kangaroo has taken pride of place in the Hobart exhibit of our Landmarks gallery, replacing a larger male kangaroo which was on loan from the Tasmanian Museum and… 419 more words


When's your Flying Ant Day?

Returning home on Tuesday, I was met by a cloud of flying ants, using my gate post as a point of departure for their nuptial flight. 320 more words