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Wordless Wednesday

'Onward and upward?' Says the cactus wren in my garden yesterday



Thoughts alone

Out in the cold
With thoughts alone
A walk with a friend
Looking for
The place to start again.
Your mind empty
Feeling and emotion… 95 more words


To an Ingenue

I have been working with the haiku and tanka forms recently….well…not formal haiku, something resembling sennryu…that’s the term for haiku of everyday life…humourus, sexy…political…whatever.¬† A tanka is a form consisting of a haiku (sennryu) plus two extra seven syllable lines…so the syllables for haiku…5..7..5, and for tanka…5..7..5..7..7.¬† 86 more words


Misty morning

Sun slow to wake
Ride through the valley
Dew drips from trees
Steaming ponds lay smooth
A bird flies up from roadside brush
Misty morning ride… 79 more words


Coming home

Been away far too long
faces change
words alive
missing you.
My sweetest friend
the world once made me smile
so much more
laughter lifted my heart… 99 more words



I know, I know. Your eye is drawn to the amazing hummingbird moth which certainly isn’t purple, but I needed to show off this shot taken a couple of days ago in New Mexico. 17 more words