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Waves like silk
Through skies blue hue
Wound round
The heart tied
ribbon cloud gift.
Gives blessings
Reaching forth
Embrace the sky
Born of light… 26 more words


Moonlight Whispers

Your whispers of promises are diluted in the winds
The moonlight casts shadows on your truths.
Early morning sun brings me fresh realities.
I will be fine without you.

Grateful Thursday!

That’s right! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I don’t know if its the never ending buffet, the pumpkin spice lattes, being surrounded by my family, or my grandma rubbing my back and telling me I should eat more. 673 more words

The Grip

She always keeps exactly two contacts in her phone. Any more than two men she feels overwhelmed. Any less, she feels anxious. These are the men she calls upon when the urge becomes too strong. 186 more words


Merci Beaucoup

I read an amazing article the other day that summed up something I’ve always believed: being grateful makes you happier. It sounds weird, but it’s true: the article talked about giving thanks, and how people who wrote letters of gratitude to family and friends, even for inconsequential reasons, felt better with themselves and happier with their lives. 162 more words

About a dream

Somewhere on the edge of waking
Where the eyes see meager light through
Relaxed movement of lids
Distorted dreams come calling
Enlarged and all around… 62 more words



Wishes and dreams
Sent through fair skies
Encapsulated in tiny gems
Floating on my mind.
Drifting through the clouds
Never to touch down
Exploding unaware…
44 more words