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Glistening Web

After the rain is gone
tucked away below the step
walking up I spy
the tiny glistening drops
catch my eye,
drawing me with a smile… 85 more words


Comeback like a boomerang!

Hey lovely peeps~

I am finally back blogging on WordPress and for some reasons, i am also making this my daily blog! Instead of just blogging about my k-pop fanaccounts, i have decided to also blog about other stuffs as well. 89 more words


Somewhere at the edge
Of the fading summer sun
Rope lays withered
Still holding firm
It’s moorings tied
Rope slightly unravels
Like the drifting mind. 90 more words


Alabama Governor Gets Twitchy Facing Pushback To Housing Illegal Aliens...

Our continuing message to any community is the same.   Stand up, don’t be fearful: if you oppose them – they will not come.   The entire regime knows they are on the wrong side of the majority on this issue, regardless of what the media tell you.  440 more words

Paladin Justice reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:

Irony of ironies--an illegal "President" floods the country with illegals so he can feel better about himself. What a POS!

Wandering heart

She walks the night
Her old self left behind
Following the moon
Searching for tomorrow.
She walks with purpose
The light of her heart
To guide her way… 102 more words


New horizons

Skies and seas
Of deepest blues
Clouds up high filter
Daylight through.
A bridge to nowhere begins
Right here
And new horizons that seem so near. 97 more words


The Most Ridiculous Fights You'll Have in IKEA

Ever traveled to IKEA with your kid?

If you are one of the valiant soldiers who has braved the battle field of Hemnes six-drawer chests and the ubiquitous, lingering scent of Swedish meatballs with an infant in tow, we applaud you. 195 more words