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Time For Your "Mind Gym" - What Are You Certain About?

I’m certainly not a big fan of “Black or White Thinking” although I find myself pray to such dichotomy at times; and in certain respects. To me, we cannot fully understand life matters despite so many “givens” and no matter how hard we try to analyze their prevailing effects. 603 more words

Mind Gym

Here's a link to tending boundaries and being true to yourself above all else.

Who knows what you may read into it? Don’t assume it isn’t your cup of tea.

History in hyper-linked text within the story.

Thanks guys, 7 more words

I Hold These Truths To Be Self-evident

What's your take?

So, you go to school for 4 years to major in a particular subject that you choose as your career. You work your ass off, stay up late every night, try not to party too hard, keep your head in the game and just be social. 321 more words


Creating a featured post

I have been writing in my journal a lot lately. I call it mush, but it seems to keep me sane.

My journal is entirely private, and I wouldn’t ever want to post it publicly. 334 more words


Frame and Brush

It looks hap-hazard, doesn’t it, at first glance. There’s a frame within a frame within what might be another frame and things get a bit uncertain there, not at all like what you expect from a frame. 282 more words


The Value Of "Acting As If..."

When life takes an unexpected turn, as often happens, it is important to recognize we are lost. It is important to take the time we need to find our way through whatever the detour might be and deal with whatever consequences come from the experience. 282 more words

Thoughts On Life

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