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Coping with Risks and the Loss of Our Future

Rational choice theory states that people take decisions on a case to case basis, idealistic and without external influences. Such a social and cultural space without influences and irrational choices does not exist. 480 more words

Ambiguity And Uncertainty

Jealousy is more than uncomfortable, it’s downright terrifying. At the mere mention of the J word I feel a disturbance in the force akin to speaking Voldemort’s name aloud in a Harry Potter novel. 1,826 more words


The Worst

waiting is the worst feeling,

love the worst of lacks,

loneliness the most bitter taste

and ache the worst to last.

For the Lord Gives Wisdom - Proverbs 2:1-10

January 26, 1992

Please enjoy this special message from our past sermons archive, while Pastor Horner is away from the pulpit.

“The plans for our lives have been developed out of the eternal wisdom of the only wise God and are perfect in every way for the fulfillment of His glorious and unchanging purposes.” 19 more words


Untitled - June 24, 2011

The dark tonight is strange.  It is heavy… ominous, oppressive, overwhelming.  There is a depth to it, an intensity that elicits a visceral response.  I drove home tonight with my shoulders hunched, as if the weight of that black sky slid through the metal body of my car to press upon me.  140 more words

Very Short

Ploding along (Its been a long way, Its not as beautiful as the life journey people say)

F*ck the limitation of my vocabulary. My heart wants it much enough to start to write something.
Surrounded by walls, prisoned by the darkness. Thats the darkness of a hollow mind, a lost mind. 228 more words


So a bee keeping, yurt building, compost master specialist it is.

I wish I knew what I was doing for more than 10 days at a time. It seems to be the nature of my life recently that the ideas and feelings are an infinite knot that doesn’t want to straighten out so I can tie it into anything useful. 589 more words

Tree Roots In Sandy Ground