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You & Him.

You’re scared of change. He might be too. Maybe that’s why you both keep trying to find comfort in the same arms that crushed your hearts. 161 more words


Face Your Fears

Time is of the essence and we must be true to our fears in hopes to see where strength lies. Despair is an ugly truth and in hopes of reaching ultimate potential, your life may lay in wake of disaster until you’ve found that portal dwelling deep inside that will lead you to open your third eye. 106 more words



Lost in a void, drowning in the middle of the sea. Unaware of the strength inside, the oxygen in my blood dissipated rapidly, sinking lower into deep currents. 326 more words



The last part of our journey continued to be flat, but we climbed from desert into the high plains, and the landscape did feel different in some indefinable way. 1,292 more words


Make it personal

I should have wrote about this one before… as humans we take it personal and it’s weird plus unnecessary.

This will probably apply to a lot of people. 513 more words


Why Dear Heart?

Why dear heart are you so afraid?
Why precious mind do you shut everyone out?
What is it that causes you to keep it all locked inside? 409 more words