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Anger and Consumption

I’m sick of positivity. Positivity exists to make life easy and boring. To confirm what you already think. Uncertainty is difficult and admirable, it’s nothing to be scared of. 543 more words


Uncertainty is a very powerful force in every person’s life. Knowing that you don’t know how something will turn out, usually means something bad can happen. 458 more words

"Sometimes Fear Takes Over"

It’s raining off and on again. It’s one of those weeks where every time our dog hears the thunder she comes and finds me in the house wherever I am because she’s afraid. 681 more words

Simply Thoughts


I often wish that I could just forget about gender, if only for an afternoon. Unfortunately, I find that the more I get invested in my trans identity, the more I’ve become wrapped up in questions of gender, identity, expression, and perceptions. 631 more words


Notes on Growing Up

If he smiles at you from across the room

Smile back and look away

Keep one hand on the hem of your little black dress… 443 more words


Celebrating Life

Life is unpredictable.

Such vast is its expanse of unpredictability that all the well planned events are tossed into a whirlpool of uncertainty and sent through a constant turmoil. 427 more words

Self Mantra