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Waiting... - A Poem

I found you today

sitting underneath that tree,

holding hope in your hand.

I recognized you say,

patiently waiting and carefree,

that your life was a little bland. 85 more words


let HIM do it


That listening to God’s voice

Could result in freedom

All of the




That following God’s Will

Could bring me joy

All of the… 43 more words


Your apology

One click away from Sending

You’re hesitating

Sitting in Neutrality: A Poem of Uncertainty

I lay here, desperately clinging on to whatever hope I have left.

It’s been a while, and I fear that my hideousness has scared you off. 43 more words


at the dawn...

of a season of the right time i’m right in the midst of finding myself at the very beginning of seeing everything come to pass as it’s been granted to me in the one and only true vision i’ve ever been given in this life – and yes while that definitely sounds lofty and maybe altogether like the beginning of some epic story parading about on the silver screen it nonetheless very well tells the tale of what indeed is happening – and the beauty of it all is that i can feel it as i see it as if i’m already living it and what’s more from there’s the peace in discovering it’s not even necessary let alone wise in trying to connect the dots taking me there – it’s all coming that much the faster as a result of… 979 more words

Climate change: what we don't know

by Judith Curry

This past week, there have been several essays and one debate that provide some good perspectives on what we don’t know about climate change, and whether we should be alarmed.


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.............A good attempt to try and see through the fog of the 'climate wars.'

on money, working, cancer

Some people are always shocked- happily so- when they find out I continue to work and teach and everything as I do cancer. It seems to satisfy their need for me to be OK- “Well, she’s working, she must be OK!” I want to be clear about why I continue to work. 1,254 more words