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35 good reasons NOT to circumcise your son!

This website shows all the 35 reasons not to circumcise your newborn! I mean, female circumcision is unheard of in the United States, why can’t male circumcision be too? 33 more words


Smegma: What Is It?

Being concerned with the health and safety of your genitalia doesn’t end with buying non-toxic toys, toy cleaner, body-safe lubes and using barriers during all sex acts… 783 more words

How To

Walk of Shame or Stride of Pride?

Amir lured me back to his place after dinner with the promise of mimosas. (Yes, mimosas at night because why not?) On the drive back to his place, I engaged myself in a very serious discussion. 328 more words


If it ain’t broke, Don’t Fix it: Babies’ Right to Agency Over their Bodies

We thought we made the right choice to not circumcise our boys. Yes, another huge decision in parenting. Hospital or home; OB or midwife; vaginal or cesarean; unmedicated or medicated; breast milk or formula; intact or circumcised? 1,559 more words


Dude Looks Like A Lady, Part Deux!

Saturday night was so epic, I’ve decided to break it down into two additional blog posts.  These are the texts which framed the day and night to come, attending the grand opening of my brother’s new gay bar. 375 more words