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The problem of Aunt Mildred - 1

As often happens, an innocuous word, phrase, punctuation mark etc triggers a question, which unexpectedly opens the way for a torrent of further questions and the ensuing dialogue results in “Ah!” moments all round. 493 more words


The city myth

We all live in myths, some created by recent people and others created by ancient mythical people.

Mumbai rains are beautiful… but sometime it can get on your nerves. 784 more words


My best work on DVD!


On September 23rd you get to own all my family adventures on DVD and Blu-Ray! Pre-order on Amazon.com today >>> Halloween complete collection


Throwback Thursday #tbt

So I decided as a special treat, and in honour of #tbt, I would repost the first blogpost I ever published on a Thursday. Turns out it was a great memory, and a good reminder for life and ministry. 196 more words

Day 21 - Uncle

Every Saturday the majority of my family meets at Grandma’s and have dinner together. It was nice to see everyone again but this time it was less of a celebration and more of a casual meeting. 717 more words

Cat Photo Series #10: My Uncle Cotton

photo courtesy of Rebecca Scarberry  @Scarberryfields

This is not an ordinary day

This day is always special for me

Hanging with my uncle Cotton

Appreciating his wisdom and guidance… 75 more words

I Am So Gullible

I came home from work today and on my struggle from the car to the house (wine bottles,water jug,big water glass,lunch box, and mail) it sounds like someone was trying to get my attention from the neighbors. 507 more words