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Talking to a baby

Hello niece,
I saw you again, briefly, today. I had been working in my parents yard all day, sawing branches and smashing old furniture with a sledgehammer. 313 more words

Why I Hate November

Normally, I love November. I love fall colors and “sweater weather.” I love Thanksgiving and celebrating my family. I love the brisk air that hints that Christmas is just around the corner. 555 more words

Weekends can be odd.

This weekend has been one of mixed emotions. Scotland won the annual Shinty/Hurling match against Ireland – something I was ecstatic to watch, especially since we won 23-14. 777 more words

Hard Rock 2014 music Video by Mark Daniel Uncle

I Play Keyboards and Drum Program http://www.tunecore.com/music/mdusongs.
by Internet Archive Book Images
Play Guitar To Be a Rock Star
We all know that the guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. 15 more words

Black & White Sunday: What do you see?

Jayden and his Uncle and Godfather, Sam, looking for animals on our Wyoming trip

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Question 28: The Idiocy of English Spelling

In the middle of last night, this question gave me grave concern
and the answer to my pondering, I would gladly learn.

Why do we spell Uncle and Ankle differently? 29 more words


Finding a new 'Potts' in Sweden

I thought there could only be one of him. That it would be physically impossible for there to be someone so unapologetically enthusiastic and strange, but then I met his clone in Stockholm. 406 more words