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Old boxes and drawers

Let me introduce you all to my desk. Compare it to Aladdin’s “Cave of Wonders,” sans the gold (although I found a couple of 50s). My desk, ever since I started living in a condo almost three years ago, has turned into a makeshift junkyard where, possibly 15 or so years of… stuff… piled on top of each other. 690 more words


Organizing: More on Paper Management

  1. Take your mail in every day. You can process once a week or twice a week if you like, but make sure you’re sorting daily. This is one thing that can turn into a monster faster than anything else.
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Day 95: Three goals on my fridge

Write your goals and aims and post them where you can see them regularly.

OK, I’ll write three goals and hang them on my fridge. 185 more words


30 Days of Uncluttering, Day 1

Wow. Cleaning isn’t easy, but it was so refreshing to do. In the Philippines, it’s summer already and temperatures can go up to 38 degrees Celsius on some days. 753 more words


things that make me happy

  1. After this morning’s chilly run, I checked out the 10 Day Forecast. Not a single morning below 20, and most should be in the 30s. I’ll take it!
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Menata isi Rumah (decluttering)

Rumah saya berukuran minimalis yaitu seluas 77 m2, dan saya merasa saat ini rumah saya sangat penuh dengan barang. Mulai dari furniture, alat-alat elektronik, buku-buku, majalah, koran, dan lain sebagainya. 362 more words


Babyproofing: Week one

It has been a week since I decided to tackle the disaster that is our apartment. In the interest of creating a safer and saner home, I’ve dedicated time every day toward picking up, putting away, throwing out and clearing off. 569 more words