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Of uncomfortable questions and absence of answers

- Why does it take over a dozen dead people and two hostage situations in France to remind the world about the value of (constitutionally guaranteed) personal freedoms? 300 more words

Observer Opinion

Mommy Lesson 251: Buzz Buzz Chirp Chirp

The average family in the United States has 2.16 children. While it may be difficult to determine just how one would get .16th of a child, it’s not much of a stretch to say that a large number of children have siblings and almost every child will encounter at least one pregnant woman during their lives. 438 more words

The wake

Yesterday, December 6, 2014, was the 25th anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre. Much has been written about that horrible event but much less about the memorial march on the day after. 1,697 more words

École Polytechnique