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Unconditional Love By @ Aerobabe619 (poetry)

He puts his head on my side and looks at me with big brown eyes.

I could hold him all day long,but things must be done so he just drifts to sleep. 153 more words


Sweet Soul Sisters


My girlfriends

my sweet soul sisters…

you are rich, decadent, fragrant

the stargazer lilies

that majestically adorn

the entrance of

the blooming divinity

that is my spirit garden… 307 more words


Love Unconditionally

“Unconditional love may be the greatest force in the world,” writes Robert K. Hudnut in Practical Grace: How to Find God in the Everyday, “but we say that it is beyond us, that we can’t love that way, that only God can. 43 more words

Ryan Hite

Abraham Hicks - Awareness of Signal You're Emitting

Abraham Hicks…truly a wonderful and great resource for learning and knowing who you are and why you are here! This knowledge is actually very simple and easy to understand…and so very… 80 more words

A Sunfish For Our Hero

I know I know.. bad Heather… 

MIA Heather.. 

A WHOLE YEAR??? holy shit. what can I say… I suck. 

Initially my absence was illness related, and with 4 more surgeries under my belt since last August all I can say is, c’monnnn…gimmie a frikkin break here…  98 more words

How do you handle it?

You are on a roll.  Focused and in the zone, you tackle your to do list, your next big project, a new schedule for quiet time, that thing which has been calling your name.   330 more words

Devotional Encouragement

The Power within the Heart Chakra

Love and Blessings be with all…

Today, I heard the ethers speak loudly of the importance and Power found within the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is the energy center found in the center of your chest. 366 more words

Wholistic Blessings