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Mindfuck mornings !

Every time a new person,  brings a lot of hope and happiness!
Just moves on by crosschecking their checklists. These passing clouds makes a heavy impact on thinking and Life.   69 more words

Feel Inn ; High Onn!

The Perfect Unfolding

Even if you find yourself in an experience that pushes against everything that you previously believed to be true for you, know at all times, that source has your back and everything is the perfect unfolding of your very own path.



Today I am thankful for the unconditional love of my puppy. She’s been such a light in my life since she came into my life 6 months ago. 28 more words


If you were to ask me who I’d like to meet..

I would respond by telling everyone that I want to meet someone who will love me unconditionally and without change. Someone who will appreciate my presence, someone who will remind me constantly how much I mean to them, someone who will go out of their way to keep me in their life, someone who won’t give up on me. 100 more words

My Diary

Tripping on an angel

What’s in my mind??
Never allow some other person to acquire your heart. Because when someone enters your personal space they will definitely grow stronger and soon it will turn into a possession and turns into an obsession. 16 more words

Feel Inn ; High Onn!

Children Are Selfish But We Love Them Anyways!

Children are selfish. Period. No doubt about that. They want all of your attention… All of it! They wake you up in the middle of the night. 565 more words


Spiritual Badassery and Love

Things I have learnt today:

Sometimes you can feel really stagnant and generally direction-less, and on the same day hear that others are admiringly calling you a badass behind your back. 1,880 more words