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Where does contentment live?

“Contentment comes from unconditional love. When you love conditionally, you have to keep deciding if the other is worthy of your love. You can never let go of your guard enough to be content. 19 more words

Stuff I Wrote About

Bath Time With Mrs. Bentley

In addition to having me at her beck and call .. Mommy also has a real professional “Caregiver” who comes three times a week.  Mrs. Bentley is her and she is wonderful.   503 more words

Aged Parent

Nature vs Nurture

I have, since my teens, said that I am who I am in spite of my mother. I have always believed that the positive parts of my character and my determination not to pass on the family legacy of abuse came from something within me, part of my nature. 319 more words

Let's Talk About Love

Love never dies. Love never fails. Love is kind. Love is Patient. Love endures all.

Love is not a soft fluffy feeling that makes you feel good on the inside. 115 more words

Selasie Bulmuo

'Things That Never Die'

This is one of my favorite photos’ from Sunday’s article in the Sun-Sentinel, ‘In Sickness and in Health’ .  This picture was taken on Richard’s 83rd birthday on January 24th of this year. 365 more words


The Love of My Life

Landon (my son) and I at the Yellow River Post Office Park

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Welcome back me!  I decided to start my own blog to share with everyone the life of a busy mom who is balancing being a single mother, going to school, and working a full-time job.   248 more words