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You parents may imagine this to be a strange title that would seem to allow children anything, but it stems from the viewpoint of a grandparent watching without comment the fighting between siblings. 837 more words


The More Life Trials We Overcome on Our Spiritual Journeys, The More Of God's Divinely Custom-Made Tool We Will Have For Us For His Ministry

(James 2:5)

” God chose the poor people of this world to be rich in faith, and to posses the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him.” - 898 more words

Enduring Trials

Pay it Forward and Thank Someone!

We have heard that we can count on one hand, and have fingers left over, the people in our lives that we know who we can really depend on to accept us unconditionally. 480 more words


It’s not about writing people off,

It’s about taking care of ourselves

How can we give, if we are empty?



Never Abandoned, Never Forgotten - John 20:11-18

Reading for today:  John 20:11-18

As Peter and John leave the garden, Mary Magdalene remains by the tomb, weeping. The man who transformed her life, accepted her, and showered her with forgiveness is gone, not only dead, but in a cruel twist, his physical body is now missing. 822 more words

John Devotionals