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Spiritual Tattoos!

I recently grew a pair and got some tatts! Never thought I’d be able to do it. Life’s about those spontaneous moments and living in the now so why not :) Here’s my quick video showing and explaining them


Parting of the Ways

"Step aside 
	is coming!"
	the guards say.

And to all those
	who would bow
	and kiss 
		the hem 
	his skirt,
I say this:

	There is no coming back,
		to this place or another. 185 more words

Sleep Well My Love

He kisses you
sighing as your scent fills his head
your flavor coats his mouth
feeling you against his body
his heart is full and content… 54 more words


All of You

Lust will do that to you

A blush
a nod

It’s not all lust though

He knows

Lust can’t wait to get
love can’t wait to give… 45 more words


There's Got to be Some Folks Around With Memories Just Like Mine

…Who’d give the world to stop the clock, and turn back the hands of time.

 Merle Haggard

Everyone has family, right? It’s a thread that ties you to another person or group of people that you don’t even necessarily know, have possibly never even met…but…

2,045 more words

Becoming One

Stroking his hair
naughty thoughts filling her mind

He whimpers and squirms
she has that look in her eye

Her tongue snakes out
slowly licking her lips… 87 more words


Small Moments

She stretches out on her bed
lays her head in his lap

He caresses her beautiful face
she whimpers a little
rubs her face against his hand… 37 more words