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Blinded by Love

When your in love with someone all you can do is look at them and it only takesĀ a second for the electrical shock in your heart to travel to your mouth and you end up with a smile on your face. 616 more words


Morning prayer (0: have a bright, loving day (0:

Mathew 5:8-”Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” We can’t seek him half heartedly and expect to see changes within us. A pure heart is full of God and full of happiness and peace within itself. 80 more words

21 Questions

Have you ever heard the song 21 questions song by 50 cent? It’s pretty great so if you haven’t you should. I wouldn’t blame you if you wouldn’t want to though cause not everyone is a basic white girl who thinks she can hang with those who love rap music like I am. 1,842 more words

The Ties that Bind

Can you imagine disowning your parents because you think you can do better? What about disowning your kids because you just weren’t compatible, or right for each other? 1,082 more words

What about the awful things in the world?

“We are not asking for you to not wobble when you are looking at the conditions of the world. We are asking that you not look at the condition.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

Abraham Hicks

Endless love

Giving love is never wasted.

Giving.. and loving.. is never wasted.

A realisation that with those who you choose not to be with but have shared such beautiful moments with, you can still grow to understand, accept and love them from afar. 142 more words

Daily Reflections

More in Love With You

***This was written on December 28, 2010***

You make me smile when I want to cry
When I feel low, You set me up high… 403 more words

Bro. B.I.B.