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Subliminal Messages and Hypnosis to Make Money

Subliminal Messages and Hypnosis to Make Money
Subliminal Hypnotherapy using Hypnosis to treat Anything. Power up your subconscious mind.

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Two Articles About What Hypnosis Is

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I wrote article B in part to promote an Experience Hypnosis workshop I’m giving. My wife Elizabeth was quite scathing about it (because she says it was not suitable for my intended audience) and suggested rewrites. 991 more words



Song of the curlew,

Bubbles up out of the mud -

In the depths of night.



Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.16

The ultimate renunciation is when one transcends the qualities of nature and perceives the soul.

As an atheist, I struggle with this idea of “the soul”, but can find meaning if I substitute “the self” or “ultimate reality”, but perhaps this is straying too far from what Patanjali intended.

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- what dark things hide in my moody depths -

– swimming creatures -forms -

- many tails -many arms – made before – made long before me - 30 more words


Just found this in my drafts box – started on 25th May 2012! It’s unfinished; I think I was going to draw some conclusions and I’m not going to add to it now because although I’m sort of always in this place it was two years ago when I was in a different place with the place. 3,585 more words

Thinky Thought-Rambles

More adventures in K-land: Meeting my pyramid guide

My lover and I were celebrating moving into our latest temporary home. It has fine views and is in the middle of much natural beauty. After we’d settled in we had a smoke of some fine green and then we cooked our   meal. 1,268 more words