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Ask Ariely!

Dear Dan,

Why are there so many religions, all of which suggest that God is on their side and holds the same values that they do? 1,028 more words

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The Gift of Existential Discontent

Spring in New Mexico brings longer, brighter days, but those days seem to be carried in on incessant, howling, nasty winds. Two years ago, I was out for a walk on one of those very windy spring days. 496 more words


A Model of Time and Space


This model was made mostly as an interesting exercise. I do not claim it is a correct model, or that I even believe in it. 1,964 more words


I Know Nothing- Part 1

The past few weeks have been an unexpected and whirlwind collection of days. I feel I’ve been going through what I can only label a rebirth, my own personal “renaissance”, to be overly dramatic about it, which I’m tempted to do. 1,170 more words

Hippie Shit

Having The Brain You Want

We can all understand the concept of a ‘face-palm’ moment. Those times when you realise that you’ve made a ‘terrible mistake’ and you put your hand on your forehead and think, “ 678 more words

Erasing Bad Memories: Wiping Out Unconscious Traces Is Possible

By Bahar Gholipour via LiveScience

Bad memories are not only part of our conscious mind, they also leave a trace in our unconscious. But now, new research shows that actively trying to forget an unwanted memory can help erase this unconscious trace. 187 more words