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Male Privilege and the Selective Service

Ok, I have to state, the selective service is a sexist, misandrist piece of shit. Did you know that if you don’t register, you can be charged up to 250,000 dollars and spend up to 5 years in prison? 299 more words


The Daily Takedown:: Mississippi Overturns Same Sex Marriage Ban

In historic news yesterday, Federal judge Carlton Reeves ruled the same sex marriage ban in the state of Mississippi unconstitutional. Here’s his explanation into why he came to this conclusion. 245 more words

The Daily Takedown

Is There a Right to Education?

Do Michigan students have a right to education? Top students’ rights advocates have taken on this important issue, but earlier this month, their efforts hit a road block. 527 more words


DOJ Finds Obama Lacked Authority to Use Executive Action on Amnesty

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Obama will have an easier time fitting into one of Michelle’s dresses or her jock strap than he will dodging the bullet on his illegal executive order in which he tried to implement amnesty for untold numbers of illegal aliens. 1,235 more words


Judge Rules Illinois Pension Overhaul Unconstitutional

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – An Illinois judge has ruled that a law intended to fix the nation’s worst state employee pension crisis violates the state Constitution. 129 more words


Top Ten Obama Lies on Amnesty

Apparently President Obama still thinks that Americans are stupid. Like Jonathan Gruber, he continues to tell lie after lie with his own unique brand of Orwellian propaganda. 90 more words

DAILY OBSERVATON: Obama's Immigration Move is Style Over Substance - and Unconstitutional

There is no secret why President Obama acted now.  He had reneged on addressing immigration at least two times in the past.  He was locked in by both his unfulfilled longtime and pre-election promises.  306 more words