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Destruction of Freedom Accelerates

Destruction of Freedoms Accelerates and not a word from the main stream media, i. e., the government’s propaganda machine.

The unconstitutional delegation of law making to Federal agencies continues. 29 more words


Judge Finds Minnesota Energy Law Unconstitutional

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A federal judge has found that a Minnesota law designed to promote the use of renewable energy is unconstitutional and she barred state officials from enforcing it. 121 more words


Abolish the Income Tax

Today, when considering “big government,” we often think of the welfare state, out of control spending, and high taxes. I personally add NSA spying and neoconservative, “police the world” foreign policy to this list, but that’s a debate for another time. 481 more words


unconstitutional and immoral activity done by GOI

I can not believe we still have to protest this crap——– fundamental right

As our minister always cray Secular and say our party is clean secular and our party also include secular word in fundamental Right by 42 amendment act 1976.what a joke surji ?? 356 more words