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Cliven Bundy Wants Fences, Still Won't Pay Taxes

If you kept up with the news last year, you may remember Cliven Bundy as the Nevada rancher who inspired dozens of conservative states-rights supporters to take up arms in response when the federal government committed the horrific crime of making him pay his taxes. 412 more words

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Build, don't tear down

How can we solve our differences if we aren’t willing to talk to each other? How often do you hear that people are and have been working together? 163 more words

Obama and UN Created Terror State in Libya

“Obama’s war on Libya was, by definition, and by Obama’s own definition, illegal and unconstitutional. Not only did the administration refuse to ask Congress for a declaration of war or even an illegitimate “authorization to use military force” — relying instead on a UN Security Council resolution that has no legitimate power to order U.S. 89 more words



The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide whether all 50 states must allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, positioning it to resolve one of the great civil rights questions in a generation before its current term ends in June.  185 more words


Eric Holder just took away an unconstitutional police power

“I’ll give you ten bucks for the iPhone!”

The Department of Justice…has curtailed a federal program that allowed police to seize and keep cash, cars, and other private property without evidence of a crime…

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Sen. Cruz Applauds House GOP for Passing Bill to Stop Illegal Amnesty

Sen. Cruz Applauds House GOP for Passing Bill to Stop Illegal Amnesty

House bill keeps GOP promise to stop President’s unconstitutional actions


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NRA suing Pennsylvania cities on gun laws; mayors vow fight

Armed with a new state law that opponents denounce as a gift to the gun lobby, pro-gun groups are rapidly scaling up their attack on municipal firearms ordinances throughout Pennsylvania, with the NRA filing suit over gun-control measures in three cities. 476 more words

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