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How to Enjoy Aging

The other day I was reading a Bruce Lee book called The Art of Expressing the Human Body. Since training in martial arts, which I’ve been doing for about 2 years (more seriously in the last year) I’ve realized that: 469 more words


Wisdom and inspiration from my WDS soul tribe

My journey to the unconventional life I lead now wasn’t long in miles (unless you count airline miles) but long in years. It took me a while to actually live the life I wanted to live. 1,364 more words


Sometimes I sit and work / Draw in Cafés

I have several commissions to finish drawings for and am running a little behind schedule. I blame the unconventional life for this. We lived in a wild house in Oakland for some time, with a landlord and landlady who were full of life while we were slumped, lacking sleep and therefor energy. 321 more words


#MinsGame Day 10


  • Stuffed bat
  • crocheted bowl
  • paper flowers in vase
  • wooden cat display
  • 2 rolls of velcro
  • WonderUnder
  • fake gladiola
  • shoes
  • painting of ladies at piano…
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I get sentimental over the weirdest things

The chairs used to belong to my grandma, but they just don’t work for us. I’ve asked my aunts if they would like them, and they didn’t. 233 more words


Excited to announce countdown deals for my book!

Dear all, by Friday, you will know why l am excited not only to announce countdown deals for my book, but what lies planned for my vacation. 356 more words

Marie's Garden

Redrum and Hamlet randomness

I’ve talked before about my love for blue glass, so I won’t repeat myself (hopefully). I haven’t burned candles in these blue votives for years, so into the donate box they go. 144 more words