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Lack of Post

So my finals are approaching and I won’t be able to post a lot during the next few weeks, sorry about that. I’ll try to post at least once in a week, but i can’t promise anything. 20 more words

Journal Entries

Which One?

Seriously, do I get half off of one or two for the price of one? In the price range of 99 cents to $39.99, it makes a big difference.

Thanks Nelli!

Inside the mind of a geek

The geek. Looked down upon by general society for a very long time as an outcast, a pariah, a nobody. Seen as the opposite of “cool”. 616 more words

oh shit..

i sit in a public place today, begin to write…

I don’t know how because i am normally that mad embarrassed guy, you normally see on the worst occasions and wishing it may have been someone else. 155 more words

Dating men that are not hot

The inner values are what counts. Don’t judge a book by its cover. That is what they say.

But are they right?

I met someone – I actually know him for some time already, but this week I spoke to him for he first time for a bit longer, and something weird happened. 378 more words


A rant

The other day my husband took our baby to the park. As it happens in parks, he met another lady with a baby of her own. 422 more words


Hey again

Depression comes in stages, I’m not even sure if this is really a depression; or rather just a fucked up part of existing as a human being. 142 more words