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Dating men that are not hot

The inner values are what counts. Don’t judge a book by its cover. That is what they say.

But are they right?

I met someone – I actually know him for some time already, but this week I spoke to him for he first time for a bit longer, and something weird happened. 378 more words


A rant

The other day my husband took our baby to the park. As it happens in parks, he met another lady with a baby of her own. 422 more words


Hey again

Depression comes in stages, I’m not even sure if this is really a depression; or rather just a fucked up part of existing as a human being. 142 more words

So what's this all about? Well sit back and I'll tell you...

This post originally appeared on the Sasparilla Design website on 30th December 2013

So this is it, this is where you find out what we at… 214 more words

I Am Uncool, and a Terrible American


I don’t know how you become detached from the pop culture umbilical cord, but it happens. Some people cut away willingly, embracing the world of bluegrass music and all things hemp. 640 more words

Ralph Amsden

Repository 131: Bon Mots | 6 Tests of Originality | Who Cares About Cool

A short post as I prepare for major travel to NYC next week. I had another moment recently (these moments are multiplying) where an artist friend was feeling flummoxed about art, the studio, making work, and doing art with a capital “A”. 783 more words

Contemporary Art