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Poh me chai farang keeno

We’ve all seen bad tourists. They tend to be loud, obnoxious and disrespectful of locals and their customs. They can come from anywhere, though certain nationalities seem to have worse reputations than others. 101 more words

Trading in the Stilettos

When did I suddenly become the uncool one?? I am in my late 20s and yet have not set my foot into anything remotely fancy or “lady like” in. 332 more words


What Am I

I’m having an identity crisis. Am I a cat? A Rabbit? A rainbow? A bad dream?

I’ll take bad dream for $100.

Glorious morning

Oh, to wake up with your child’s face 2 cm from yours asking for daddy. To then be on the receiving end of a nappy smelling to foul that it made me puke. 8 more words


Social Vibe

Social Vibe

This is one subject which I feel has been neglected too often. Knowing how to socially vibe well forms the cornerstone of social intelligence, and social intelligence is one of the most attractive character traits a woman sees in a man. 736 more words

Social Intelligence

I’m Going to Peak When I’m 60.

The article, “Cool at 13, Adrift at 23”, in the NY Times just made my day. Studies show that kids that had perfectly gelled hair and watched all kinds of R movies grew up to struggle in their twenties. 843 more words