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Scientists uncover why major cow milk allergen is actually allergenic

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Cow milk allergy occurs in children and in adults. Scientists at Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, and the University of Vienna investigated what actually makes the milk allergenic. 480 more words

All the people who judge and hate on the girls who wear a hijab!!

I seriously hate it when Muslim men and women judge everything that a Hijab wearing muslim woman/girl does.

For example a muslim girl who ;does not wear the hijab, has male friends,maybe smokes cigarettes or wears leggings and tops and cakes on makeup, would not get as much grief from other muslims/non muslims. 418 more words

Passing Kisses

I’ve sordid thoughts I’d barter for something long since gone.
Instead, we linger, carving deep, tomorrow’s grave.

Dropping time and passing kisses in muddled understanding, 21 more words

Revealing Interview Questions

TheMSLRecruiter Blog: Revealing Interview Questions

Interviewers ask questions to reveal those necessary details about a candidate that drive a hiring decision.This article provides seven questions that will reveal the hard-to-find information about a candidate’s… 983 more words

Introducing Krissy....

I learned about makeup while playing dress up with my sister.  She was much older then me and I was her, rocker Joan Jett doll, and so make-up was introduced to me very young.   257 more words

Listen to yourself.....

Hi my is Dani and I am a photographer who really believes in photographing the real, the messiness of life, the things that imprint a memory and creates a feeling!   266 more words