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Uncover Lovely Gold Jewelry With LoveGold

If you follow our jewelry + wedding rings board on Pinterest you’re bound to see lots of one thing: GOLD. We’re gold fans through and through, so when we heard about LoveGold.com + took a spin through their gorgeous site, well, you could say we felt right at home. 13 more words

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Fab Uncover: Ceramic Salt And Pepper Holders

Require a rapid present for the host who has every thing?! These artisanal salt and pepper holders are a excellent alternative! Study on to find out much more about them and to see the rest of this earthy line. 24 more words

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Etsy Uncover Of The Week: The Alternative Flower Crown

As you may know by now, we spend far too much time on Etsy.
Etsy, in case you’ve however as well find out it (apologies in advance to your bank balance!) is an on the web marketplace, filled with independent makers who generate the most gorgeous handmade, vintage, or bespoke creations. 10 more words

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Scientists uncover why major cow milk allergen is actually allergenic

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Cow milk allergy occurs in children and in adults. Scientists at Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, and the University of Vienna investigated what actually makes the milk allergenic. 480 more words

Etsy Uncover Of The Week: The Cool Cake Topper

It’s Friday. (Yay!)
And we genuinely couldn’t let the week pass by with out bringing you our favourite factor we spotted on Etsy this week. 36 more words

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All the people who judge and hate on the girls who wear a hijab!!

I seriously hate it when Muslim men and women judge everything that a Hijab wearing muslim woman/girl does.

For example a muslim girl who ;does not wear the hijab, has male friends,maybe smokes cigarettes or wears leggings and tops and cakes on makeup, would not get as much grief from other muslims/non muslims. 418 more words

Passing Kisses

I’ve sordid thoughts I’d barter for something long since gone.
Instead, we linger, carving deep, tomorrow’s grave.

Dropping time and passing kisses in muddled understanding, 21 more words