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Safeguarding, Privacy and Respect for Children and Young People (Part 4)

Finally the meeting with the President of the Family Court Division, Sir James Munby has come about and it is time to get some answers to pressing questions although I expect some answers to skirt around the question, now I am no Paxman but I think me and my three sisters in crime along with the brilliant Dr Julia Brophy got some decent answers given that we only had around an hour to get all of our questions answered. 1,326 more words


Safeguarding, Privacy and Respect for Children and Young People (Part 3)

As you may be aware from recent posts, his Right Honorable Judge Altman invited myself and several others from NYAS to inspect his court, this is in no way a comprehensive or official report but rather my musings on the day and my personal opinions unless otherwise stated. 1,573 more words


Safeguarding, Privacy and Respect for Children and Young People (Part 2)

So in my last post I negated to insert a link to the consultation which you can find here: goo.gl/VGY8X7

Now as time is approaching to meet with Sir James Munby next Thursday, President of the Family Court Division and I think a few questions need to be answered about what undoubtedly will be a breach of a child or young persons Article 8 (ECHR) and Article 16 (UNCRC) rights; that being the right to privacy. 533 more words


A Peak Into The Legal World: October 2014

Theme: Media

Royal Charter in Press Regulation


What to Note
Critics have said that the Royal Charter is a threat to press freedom, however it has been stated by others that intentions are to ensure news is presented in an unbiased way. 586 more words


Children and Young Peoples’ Experiences as Inpatients in Mental Health Units

Before I regale my tale of the day I must first begin by saying there is a great respect for anonymity and that I shall only be sharing the facts in this post rather than the names and experiences of the truly wonderful young people I met today. 1,227 more words


UNCRC: An Intenrational Legal Response to Robert Chow on collecting and exposing identifies of students on strike

8 Sept 2014

Robert Chow announced a new campaign targeting students who will be on strike and/or participate in occupy movement

Remember Robert Chow? He’s set up a hotline for people to report individuals who ask high schoolers to strike and/or Occupy Central.

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Pro-Beijing Camp