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Undefined, Undefined pop-up when a pop-up is triggered

I am working on automating a website written in Python and using Angular where there are many confirmation pop-ups. The issue I have is that Behat doesn’t seem to recognise those pop-ups, let alone allow me to interact with them. 222 more words


to the one whom I thought I can save from breaking

Dear love,

I’d seen him in the shape of love but unlucky me, it wasn’t me. He never dare to choose me.

I don’t want anyone to know or rather told him about this but liking him is my choice which I consider as a real secret until for as long as I can handle things keeping secrets with him and for everyone. 1,236 more words



Menemukanmu adalah seperti menemukan angka di saat aku berenang di dalam lautan abjad. Menemukanmu adalah seperti bermain di pantai. Aku mencari kerang dan mutiara di sepanjang pasir putih, namun kamu adalah sebentuk mawar biru yang tiba-tiba tumbuh di sana. 89 more words


How to check both null and undefined in a javascript object?

This is a common validation that every one who uses javascript would have undergone.
Usually for checking null and undefined we will do the following check… 65 more words

Hans Rosling on Ebola

Hans Rosling is famous like a cat with eight legs, known like a one-legged dog ( – Is there any appropriate translation to the German “bekannt wie ein bunter Hund”?! 50 more words


Web Resource Absolute path issue CRM 2011/CRM 2013

Web resources represent files that can be used to extend the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application such as html files, JScript, and Silverlight applications. You can use web resources in form customizations, the SiteMap or the application ribbon because they can be referenced by using URL syntax. 167 more words

CRM 2011

Dont Read Alone

Throw fits and skip breakfast. No one paid attention to your asymmetrical attitude. If one plus two equals three what is one minus negative corkscrewed. Fleas bit apart my homework and the dog got jealous, but happy. 82 more words