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My heart is in turmoil
and I’m torn between two sides.
Do I follow my longing
or stay undefined?

© jadedmess 2014


The Tales of Two Icicles, Episode 11

Episode 11

Slippery Icicle

I sat on the ground next to the puddles of sick, feeling queasy myself. Despite what had just happened, we needed SD. 1,168 more words


Encompass Centered

Echo resonating exists within already one,

Soul reflected leaf paged sync made,

Each heartbeat of every breath taken once always,

Surrendered be ever present felt inside ways all,

Encompass centered.


How to Have Sickness-Compensation in Sweden

I am a snowboarding maniac. During the past 4 winters in Sweden, I nearly went to snowboarding every weekend. However, this winter is impossible for me, because I had an operation on my left foot. 643 more words



Hey everyone, quick post cos I smell like chlorine and I need a shower ( XD ) anyway the diver suit is now available to everyone!  97 more words


Yes! Finally!

It’s been decided, guys! The winners of the CYODIC will be announced tomorrow! I’m literally dancing right now!!!! So happy! Go to the PCB to see the post!!! 23 more words


How to tame that THUNDEROUS tummy!

Its Monday. And Mondays suck. The debaucheries of the weekend are now haunting you in the form of mental and physical exhaustion. Coming back to work didn’t help and now that you have plopped down on your sofa/bed after the long workday, that little beer belly is peering out from under your t-shirt for the world to see…a reminder of your PhD-induced deterioration in health and fitness. 247 more words

Living In Sweden