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Almost Crimbo and more than one reason to celebrate!

Sweden is a dark country this time of the year and even darker this year, as my home country descends into some type of politic turmoil and new fascists are taking over our government and every front page new story.   303 more words


like anxiety

shades of meaning

Art in all its forms is capable I think of a purer communication. I sense this. It’s an idea I’ve been conversing with – reflecting on for a while; this together with the sturdily evocative learning potential of a host of derived associations anchored to a single piece. 389 more words


My Thoughts on Chapter 6 Language of New Media by Lev Manovich

The sixth and final chapter of Manovich’s Language of New Media has a slightly different focus than the rest; which is primarily on cinema.  Manovich interprets the two aspects of the relationship between cinema and new media as ‘vectors.’ 231 more words


My Thoughts on Chapter 5 Language of New Media by Lev Manovich

This one’s a doozy…  Manovich’s fifth chapter in the Language of New Media is quite a few pages in length and touches base with several subjects that had already been mentioned in previous chapters.   353 more words


Kamu dan aku adalah dua manusia asing yang lalu dipertemukan dengan keyakinan yang menghujam. Bahwa kamulah yang ridlonya kelak akan mengantarku ke surga. Bahwa akulah awak kapal yang akan kaunahkodai dalam samudera hidupmu. 284 more words



plethora” the unruly glut – is dedicated to being a beginner. these images; my first attempts with my lowly pentax k5, were all pulled from flickr because I think it more fitting to tell my own story in my own space even if there isn’t one. 157 more words

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