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UNDEFINED 2: the unclassifiable event is back!


May 21, 2015


(187 Augusta Avenue, Toronto)


UNDEFINED is a night with unfixed limits in art: language, music, and visual. Bringing the conceptual and experimental in poetry, film, performance, art, and music that fits nowhere and everywhere. 58 more words




He is from the East

 City where the sun rises

Man of Valor!

That dwells in good deeds

In the entourage of the best… 130 more words


Untitled, emerging portrait

So, I seem to be allowing myself to travel all kinds of “underground”material, stretching my limits like I hope all my art friends do.

There is a resolve in me that will not allow me to remain “safe”. 33 more words


The Downside of the Downside of Resilience: A New York Times Oped Ventures Into Dangerous Territory

Although we take seriously the threat of genetic discrimination, there aren’t a lot of examples you can offer. In my ethics class, I discuss the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad case — everyone discusses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad case, not because it is such an interesting precedent but because it is all we’ve got. 733 more words

Laura Hercher

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Interesting reply to Jay Belsky’s article, the Downside of Resilience, published in the New York Times Sunday Review. I don't necessarily agree fully, but with great possible advances ,such as personalized medicine and perhaps even personalized education interventions based on genetic testing, comes great ethical difficulties. Policy and science are not analogous, yet we wish for policy to be influenced by science so how can we as scientist stand outside and neutrally observe how science results are and could be used...

Monday, 26th January 2015

The OED’s definition of Derrida’s notion of différance is, ‘The impossibility or indefinite deferral of any ultimate or metaphysical signification, on account of the constantly changing and proliferating relationships between the linguistic signs in any sentence or utterance’. 152 more words


Get your new Galactic Hot Dogs gear!

Hey guys, quick post here– The Creators just released two new items to the Poptropica Store to celebrate the upcoming release of Galactic Hot Dogs! 84 more words


Falsy eh?

There are six false values in JavaScript:

1. false
2. null
3. undefined
4. ''
5. 0
6. NaN

Though this is not a complicated list to remember but their proper usage can be confusing sometimes. 141 more words