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There's Hope For Me Yet!

Today is a big day. Why? Because Biggest admitted that my oatmeal was edible! 

Mommy: 1

Cooking: 0

I’m aware that it may be ridiculous and slightly embarrassing to be excited about that, but considering how little of my cooking Biggest will openly admire, it’s a large accomplishment. 436 more words

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Dripping with Responsibility

What’s small, white, and the bane of any mother’s existence?

Molars. And Littlest has two coming in together. Best part? They’re both on the top, so when he isn’t crying about his gums, he’s crying because of the snot, and when he’s not crying because of the snot, he’s crying because of the poop. 285 more words

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Ok, I know it’s been a bit of a dry spell in terms of updates, but I promise, I’m still living. I think.


Yep, I’m alive. 855 more words

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I'll Raise You 8 Hours Of Silence

Motherhood: 75% I’m an idiot, 15% Just. Try. It. I. Dare. You. and 10% That’s adorable! *squee*


I have spent many moments this past week learning the art of poker. 628 more words

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I Killed The Playdough.

Unbelievable. I killed the playdough. Simplest recipe on the planet, and I screwed it up. First, I’ll point you to the original, so you can see how it was supposed to turn out. 421 more words

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The World In The House.

Having a sick child has brought my house to life in a way I never thought possible. It’s somewhat frightening, but I’m trying to cope. The fantastical nature of the seemingly mundane objects in my house have me at a loss, and while I look on in endless wonder and mild unease, I find myself amused. 533 more words

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B is for ________

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter B. B is for Bubbles and B is for Bath. B is for Biggest and B is for Bored. 422 more words

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