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Feeling Crabby?

To some, the mention of “crab” conjures up images of warm butter sauce and crab claw crackers.  I will admit, that I am fond of a good mouthwatering crab claw, but today I was feeling a little crabby, and not in a hungry, appetite sort of way.   711 more words


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

In the spirit of the Holidays, I thought I would dig out a few of the many images I have taken of Christmas tree worms.  As the lyrics of the carol suggest, these glorious creatures are blessed with an unusual beauty (for a worm). 229 more words


Diving with Asia Divers at El Galleon Diver Resort

I had a weekend get away with my Girlfriend and a couple people from work to Puerto Galano in the Philippines.  We stayed at El Galleon Dive Resort and dove with Asia Divers. 53 more words


Creepy Crawly

The words “Creepy Crawly” often conjure up images of centipedes, spiders, caterpillars, and other unsavory types of insects we would classify as pests.  As I was searching through images I took in Anilao, Philippines, I realized that what we photographers affectionately refer to as “critters” in the ocean, might be considered a creepy crawly if it lived on land. 399 more words