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I'm mad being underemployed but I'm not desperate

I should be having an interview for a government post tomorrow but guess what? I am not revising yet. I barely had enough time to memorise what the heck in their page, anymore. 220 more words



Internet, hi, I’m Allison. I’m certain of that. I’m Allison and there isn’t much more I can guarantee you. See internet, you aren’t aware of this yet but I am the most fickle person you will… 306 more words


So, You Want Greener Pastures?

We all have heard the saying “the grass is not always greener on the other side and that it is green where you water it”. There is a lot of truth in that statement, but I would like to add something to it. 345 more words

Asserting the space to be an underachieving introvert

Best thing after a day of retail is walking into a housewarming party going on in your own home.  And that is some sarcasm.  Why does okcupid have a question about your feelings toward sarcasm?   829 more words

Considering - Being Busy

The stank of August has lingered into the first days of September. Much like the body odor that collects on/in the The H’s workout shirts, I try all the remedies, but it still lingers and eventually I just throw them away. 450 more words


Is 24 hours enough?

Well now I have full class except on Saturday. So in total I’m teaching 9 class outside office hours i.e. Night of Monday to Friday and Sunday, morning of Friday and Sunday and afternoon of Sunday. 303 more words


Unemployment among twentysomethings

The Job Hunt

There it is, the long-awaited call! Hastily you pick up your phone, you hear a voice saying ‘good morning sir/madam, I would like to invite you for a job interview at our office this Thursday afternoon. 496 more words

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