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Early Morning Country Roads


I was recently driving down an old narrow winding country road at sunrise in my 24 foot box truck (work truck) while I was talking to God about all of my frustrations of life. 699 more words

Inbar Lavi Boards The Last Ship

TNT’s The Last Ship has added Inbar Lavi (Gang Related, Underemployed) as a recurring guest star for the second season. The series, executive produced by Michael Bay, revolves around the crew of a lone naval destroyer after a global pandemic. 18 more words

Short Bus Terror

Have you ever heard the expression “Sticks and stones will break by bones, but words will never hurt me”? Isn’t that one of the biggest lies that you have ever heard? 360 more words

What is a "lifestyle business"?

According to a Forbes Magazine article written by Sean Ogle, “A lifestyle business is one that promotes the lifestyle you want to live”.   Sean also stated another viewpoint:   that a ”lifestyle business, where I was the only employee and made just enough to support myself while having more freedom to do the things I… 299 more words

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Overcoming The Impossible

As a child, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder known as Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told my parents that I would never drive a car or ride a bike. 451 more words

Supersize Business - No Thanks!

In a word of tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook and dozens of future giants, not every current or aspiring business person wants the responsibility to create or manage a large organization. 161 more words

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How to Start a College

“It used to be the case that non-tenure-track faculty were assumed to be inferior to their tenure-line colleagues. These days, however, jobs have become so scarce in many fields that one’s position in the academic hierarchy is largely an accident of birth. 137 more words