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What DC Means to Me

What DC Means to Me

     Ten short weeks ago I packed up my bags, left my usual lazy summer plans behind, and moved to DC. I expected a lot out of my trip to DC, but what I got was so much more. 442 more words



So I graduated yesterday, it was a very odd experience. The ceremony was short, we got in, heard a few words, got out folders (incomplete without diplomas), our president said Shalom, and we left. 155 more words


I finally got all my courses together!

Class is starting again in September, and I am so looking forward to getting back into the student grind. I love my summer Intern experiences so much, because I feel like they have given me a new perspective on where I want my life to lead, but I also feel like I need more knowledge if my goals are eventually to be reached. 409 more words


How to Stumble Into Medical School: A Beginner's Guide.

Two days ago was the first time I could step on campus and not feel incredibly heavy. I think this is a sign that since everything’s said and done I can talk about my journey to medical school now. 2,082 more words

Medical School

So, here's my first post.

Since graduating college, I have quit my typical college bookstore part-time-minimum-wage job and moved in with my parents who live in a city I did not grow up in. 266 more words

What not to bring to college

Last year I made a blog post listing Dorm Essentials. And with move-in season fast approaching I thought it was necessary to make another dorming post: this time focussing on what you should leave behind. 1,008 more words


Going One Step Further

With August approaching, it seems like this summer has flown by. Only one month left until we’re thrust into the madness of university life, and I’m definitely feeling the pressure for this year. 648 more words