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True Life: junior year is right around the corner.

I just completed my schedule for junior year and let me tell you I am officially panicking. In three short weeks I will be a junior in college, a junior! 420 more words

Personal Experience

Undergrad degree: check

I guess I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.
I haven’t actually graduated.
Just done with uni.
So keep your fingers crossed all goes well and I pass everything! 106 more words


T-Minus 29 Days

My official graduation day is exactly 29 days - less than a month Рaway.

May 18th.

The date has been looming over me since the start of the semester, but with it a mere 4 weeks away, it’s developed into a whole new kind of cloud above my head. 374 more words


Farewell, Rochester College

Warning: Many tears were shed in the creation of this post.

To say that it is a difficult task to write about the past four years of my college education, express my gratitude to all of the wonderful professors who have supported and guided me, and attempt to say goodbye to all of the friends I have made during one of the most incredible experiences of my life in one article is most definitely the understatement of the year. 400 more words


From Undergrad to Grad Life...

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I’m not sure if it entirely hits everyone when they graduate from college that it is no longer socially acceptable to host a toga party, do jello shots, fall down in a bathroom, fall down outside, see someone else fall and cheer them on, and recover in the morning with egg biscuits and mimosas. 677 more words

The Writing Struggle

In undergrad, my lower level English classes were easy. All I had to do was have an argument and support from the book. I could talk about anything, as long as I had support. 749 more words


Sawasdee ka!

Hey there blog world….Here’s a brief recap of events that happened this year. The reason I haven’t been blogging is not because I didn’t have thoughts. 430 more words