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General Ed Courses: How To Survive

As an accounting major I can tell you most general education courses are not fun and relate not at all to what you want to be studying. 814 more words


"For the First Time"

Coming to you LIVE from Sara’s Quarter-life Crisis.

I’m mostly kidding.

It’s just that I had the realization today that I couldn’t wait any longer to get my professional life started. 503 more words


Getting Started...

So, this is my first ever attempt at writing a blog! I feel nervous, like i’m throwing myself out there with no clue what i’m actually doing! 137 more words

political science be stressing me OUT

i am so tired of my political science major.

I was walking outside today to take a short break from my political theory assignment, because it was legitimately stressing me out. 156 more words

Political Science

How do you pay for school?

Much of the university experience lies in having little to no money. University not only teaches students academics, it also instructs kids about being resourceful, which some refer to as “being super cheap.” 724 more words


On Teaching Assistant-ing

When I was a kid there were people who still claimed that television is one devil of an invention, the perfect tool for wasting your life away, an idiot box. 579 more words


A Day in Life of a Recruiter: Bad Interviews

As a recruiter part of my job – a BIG part of my job – is conducting phone screens, or phone interviews,  in order to assess the potential fit for any given position. 542 more words