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Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.

-Stephen King

Needing to be the Best

School is seriously weird. I never feel more in my element than when I’m doing my homework, sitting on campus or in the classroom. But I’ve noticed that since I’ve gotten to know some of my classmates I find myself internally competing with them. 551 more words

College "Icebreakers" : Undgrad vs Alumni

If you went to college, chances are you went to a party or two. Icebreakers are basically college parties that kick off or end (sometimes) the school semester. 521 more words

Undergrad Spotlight: Sarah Clippinger

Name: Sarah Clippinger

Hometown/High School: Mason, OH/William Mason High School

Major/Minor: Biochemistry

Year: 3rd year

Favorite college class ever: Classical Mythology

Favorite professor: Dr. Gopalan… 182 more words



Welcome back, fruit loops.

This post will be shorter, sweeter, and I promise less emotional.

I’ll get right to it: the thing is, I’m one of those people that’s gonna be ‘dissatisfied’ anywhere I go. 283 more words


Friends Quotes That Are Totally Relatable

1. When you have to have dinner with your ex and their new girlfriend who also happens to be your best friend

2. When that one health-freak roommate makes everyone feel bad about eating pizza at 2 am… 148 more words


Now that I’m getting all settled in to our new home, I’m getting more and more excited about really playing around with my photography down here! 130 more words