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Regrets: We all have them.

This weeks topic is something I think about all the time…If I could turn back time. Not in the way that I dwell on my past decisions but in the sense that I loved the life I have lived so far. 236 more words

A Successful Undergrad

Hi. I’m Tep, 25 years old. Stopped attending school in 2012 and I got a lot of effin awesome things to be thankful for!

JOB OFFERS… 155 more words


The Final Stretch

Hello blogosphere, it’s been too long. Way too long.

Summer has finally come to a close and the awaited senior year has finally arrived. It’s crazy how fast my undergrad years have gone, I remember vividly coming onto campus with mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness bubbling inside of me. 163 more words


What Can I Do?

I think if college is about finding yourself and figuring out who you are, then graduate school is about finding out what you can do about it. 240 more words

Outlook On Life

My Diploma Came in the Mail: Fin de siecle pt II

It arrived yesterday after I finished running a million errands. I was feeling strange that day. I was in that awkward place in between being utterly terrified by and excited for the future. 291 more words

The Journey

Advice From Your 14 Year Old Self

So I was recently going back through old documents and things on my computer and I found a video that I uploaded to youtube in 2010 (my freshman year of high school) as an assignment for a dance class I was taking. 691 more words


College Advice: Choosing Adventure Pays off

As you are going through your college career, you may choose to change your major several times or be unsure as to what direction you want to go; however, one thing you should never be afraid to do is take some adventures. 497 more words