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Study in English in Germany

“Study in English in Germany”

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For those who want to study in Germany but prefer studying in English to learn two languages or because they know to less German to study in this language it is possible to study in Germany in English language. 415 more words

Study Abroad

The Quick "Career 101" Lecture You Didn't Get in College

I spent four years of my life learning about the ideologies and theories of philosophers such as Locke and Foucault. I learned words such as “voyeurism” and “simulacra”. 941 more words


Fall/Winter Prepster Starter Kit

While browsing Pinterest, I got an idea – prepster starter kit. I did a few google searches, but none were very helpful for my cause. As a result, I’ve come up with my own Prepster Starter Kit!! 71 more words


An Attempt at Prepster

Today, I went to the mall with a friend. When I woke up I was in a good mood, seeing as my roommate is gone for Fall Break, and decided to give an attempt at my new found love – prepster. 74 more words


Definition of a Prepster?

What exactly would I define as a prepster? A cross between someone who is preppy and slightly hipster? Not quite. Sure, a prepster is definitely someone with preppy style however, they know how to be elegant and laid-back…sometimes simultaneously. 66 more words


Scandals. We love them...unless you're a Publicist...

One scandal that comes to mind when discussing the topic of self-induced crisis situations is the infamous Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair of the 90s. Talk about a self-induced crisis…this scandal had Bill Clinton impeached! 264 more words

My own personal Jesus: using audiobooks for the first time.

Those of you who know me, on this blog or in real life, know that I’m a slow reader. In fact, everything I do is a slow, long, drawn out process–I’m pretty much the sloth of academia. 477 more words