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The Quick "Career 101" Lecture You Didn't Get in College

I spent four years of my life learning about the ideologies and theories of philosophers such as Locke and Foucault. I learned words such as “voyeurism” and “simulacra”. 941 more words


Fall/Winter Prepster Starter Kit

While browsing Pinterest, I got an idea – prepster starter kit. I did a few google searches, but none were very helpful for my cause. As a result, I’ve come up with my own Prepster Starter Kit!! 71 more words


An Attempt at Prepster

Today, I went to the mall with a friend. When I woke up I was in a good mood, seeing as my roommate is gone for Fall Break, and decided to give an attempt at my new found love – prepster. 74 more words


Definition of a Prepster?

What exactly would I define as a prepster? A cross between someone who is preppy and slightly hipster? Not quite. Sure, a prepster is definitely someone with preppy style however, they know how to be elegant and laid-back…sometimes simultaneously. 66 more words


Scandals. We love them...unless you're a Publicist...

One scandal that comes to mind when discussing the topic of self-induced crisis situations is the infamous Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair of the 90s. Talk about a self-induced crisis…this scandal had Bill Clinton impeached! 264 more words

My own personal Jesus: using audiobooks for the first time.

Those of you who know me, on this blog or in real life, know that I’m a slow reader. In fact, everything I do is a slow, long, drawn out process–I’m pretty much the sloth of academia. 477 more words


15 Weeks, Week 6

I’m finally getting rid of the junk that floats along the sides of my CAD files. You’ll see that it’s much cleaner now. I still, in my 5th year, lack the practice of standards in CAD. 75 more words

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