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Guest Post: I think I might be Growing Up

So, I’m about to graduate. I’ve spent the last 3 years studying at UWA and now I am 3 weeks away from my last class and 5 and a bit away from my final exam.* Then it’s finished. 686 more words

Life Advice

My Experience Writing a Policy Brief

In a Health Policy class, the only assignment we had all semester was to draft a Policy Brief. We had to pick a health policy issue, discuss why there is a gap in the current system, explain the importance, and the most challenging part: create a new policy that has never been used or attempted before. 26 more words

Importance Of Policy

To Those Who Told Me I Should Settle

So after receiving my grades for this semester and looking over my transcripts thus far, I have to say I’m pretty thrilled. I know it’s contradictory to the post I wrote a few days ago but the more I thought about it and talked about it with people (yes I even spent some of my time in therapy discussing it as well as my future plans) I’ve come to realize that although I didn’t get grades I know I am capable of, I’m still kicking ass as a clinical/counseling psychology major. 516 more words

Finals Week Got you all.

Ugh, probably one of the most dreadful weeks of my ENTIRE college career.

Sleepless nights and lots and lots of coffee and energy drinks to help me survive the last two weeks of finals. 264 more words


Studying physics in a jumpsuit

Studying physics in a jumpsuit

As you all know I love fashion. I love following the newest trends and pick the ones I like the most. 537 more words


Finals Week --Grad School Edition

Finals week sucks.
During undergrad we all look like this,

and like this,

and this tends to happen most of the time,

But how does finals week differ for us Graduate School students? 369 more words


"History of a Boring Town"

Back in the day, I was a punky little kid and today I was listening to some old Less Than Jake that I had on my phone and came to a realization; … 161 more words