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#160 My Tips for Fresher's Week

So many of you will now hopefully have the results you wanted and a place at the university of your dreams (if not don’t worry, I didn’t get where I wanted originally, but it worked out in the end!) … 610 more words

Tips And Reviews

A Sociological Accident: The Story of How I Became a Sociology Major

It is ironic, to say the least, that sociology has grown to be such an integral part of my identity, considering that I didn’t even know what the discipline was until I came to college. 1,722 more words


Why I'm Glad I Didn't Major in Creative Writing as a Writer

Despite the fact that I had always had a passion for writing, I didn’t major in creative writing as an undergraduate. At the time, my reasons for not choosing creative writing as a major were of the practical sort–I was trying to avoid the inevitable question of… 357 more words

Hooks And Yarns

True Life: I Have No Idea What I'm Doing With My Life

Welcome all from lands far and near. Whether you’re in Dublin, Shanghai, Perth, or Chicago, there’s one thing I think that is common among all of us young “adults:” we’re scared shitless.  833 more words


My Depression is Not Your Cause

The recent death by suicide of Robin Williams has given America a chance to turn its head away from other news events and mourn his death as only a well-loved and talented person is usually mourned: collectively and briefly. 812 more words

Bipolar Depression

Update to the depression...

Talked to her doctor, and the doctor thinks that bRaving’s night of drinking temporarily altered her brain chemistry.

So far she’s on her way back up and as near as I can tell, it’s going well. 192 more words

I submitted my PTCAS application!

I’ve applied to 9 programs through PTCAS. One requires a supplemental application that I can finish now. I have two definite supplemental apps after October 1st, and 2 potential supplemental apps. 141 more words