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Advice for second year students before they go into third year

I’m currently in my third year of Events Management and Public Relations and I am researching ideas for my dissertation.

Can I just say…? I don’t even know where to start? 1,104 more words


University girls make N150k per week in my club – Strip club boss offers good employment

The owner of Cave night club in Ikeja, Dr. Shina Eddo says the strip club business is very lucrative, and the female undergraduates who work as strippers in his club make more in a week than degree holders make in a month. 303 more words


Changing the marketing message for women in Technology

When I hear someone in work talking about passion, ingenuity and creativity, I naturally assume I’m talking to someone from the BBC. Well I’m not. I’m talking to Shilpa Shah who is passionate about her job in Technology with business advisory firm Deloitte. 1,101 more words


Columbus Day video roundup

We’ve covered Columbus Day here at the blog before. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to distill academic rage and indignation into something short, pithy, and easily conveyed to undergraduates. 259 more words


How (and how not to) Ask For Extensions

It’s the last two weeks for students attending Tertiary institutions in Australia, and the middle of the semester for our above the equator counterparts. So let’s start this with one of the most common questions we teachers receive in relation to assignments: 1,794 more words


Giddy with the success of our undergrads and their posters

Today our six research undergraduates, Kai, Alicia, Libby, Stephanie, Olivia, and Daniela, presented their research on posters at the Fall Undergraduate Poster Session, scheduled to fall on parent’s weekend. 337 more words