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More mystery holes in the ground

More holes on Siberian ground have turned up according to Aftonbladet.se. According to the article the holes are not man made and seem like as if the ground has exploded from underneath and thrown up soil. 42 more words


Tales from the Terminals: Waterloo Collection

Over the past few months, View From the Mirror has been taking a detailed look at the history of Waterloo station.

In case you missed any instalments, the… 16 more words


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An in depth study of Waterloo Station by View from the Mirror. I may be here some time...

The Philosophy of Fixed Gear Culture: 3 things to keep you pedaling.

I have not been invovled incredibly long with this sub-sub cutlture of fixie riders. However, I have noticed that those in the know of fixed gear riding possess a certain amount Je’ne sais qua. 220 more words


Tales from the London Undergtound #102

Opposite me, a jolly looking rotund man who looks very much like Charlie Drake.
Wispy curly hair poking from the sides of his head, a permanent blush in his puffy cheeks and more importantly on this train of gloom and apathy, a contented smile hiding hidden laughter. 227 more words


Official Dance Party 99 Release

Party like its’99….Again!!!



Remember Prince?  1999?  If not then you need to go google that shyte or something cuz you won’t understand this…well you will but you won’t get it, get it?  474 more words


The Scavi - The Vatican Necropolis

Two thousand years of history beneath St. Peter’s Basilica.

St. Peter’s Basilica is an astounding and massive wonder, filled with sculpture, art, frescoes, woodworking, reliquaries, and more.  359 more words