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The awakening....


Crazy few days… BUT I feel AWAKE!! Really Awake, and on a mission!

So I have started my DV Video blog, to start helping other women, find the inner strength to escape… However this is more on ME.. 397 more words

So much to say...

I come from a nuclear family, my father, my mother, my 2 sisters, and me. Growing up, my family played a big role in my life and I think that’s normal in such a small family especially in a family that interacted as much as mine. 228 more words


"U" is for...


There’s a common saying that says in order to love others, you must love yourself.  I go back and forth on that one and think there’s more than one way to look at that. 162 more words

Life Lessons


Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
~ Carl Jung

Understand that we all do the best we can. 42 more words

A To Z Blog

Oh the Ignorance!

How small minded can a person really be? Very!
It goes to show just how inhumane humans can be.
Spread the awareness. Spread the love. Spread your arms for those who are afflicted with the pain of not understanding.


Create, Conquer and Achieve

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“You need to understand that life isn’t what you’re given, it’s what you create, what you conquer and what you aim to achieve.”



Death is a concept that is not to big of an idea. I get that nearly everyone is afraid to die. But have you ever really thought about it? 153 more words