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When You Can Love Through Your Fear

The people I surround myself with in life, whether they are coworkers, (online) friends, acquaintances, family . . . are some of the most loving… 922 more words

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Your Sunny Shores

How often have you looked at others who are happy doing what they do and wondered, how did they get there, how did they do that, how did they get that lucky break! 434 more words


A Two-Act Play -written by Love inspired by Fear

I am thinking about fear.  It hasn’t been serving me because I am not a cave woman late with the possum and dumplin’ dinner or being chase by the neighbour’s sabre tooth tiger. 626 more words

Breast Cancer

Loving what You do!

Recently I had the pleasure of joining a webinar, held by Animas Centre for Coaching. The webinar was an interview held with Michael Serwa… 651 more words


Recovery Discoveries

Journeys have prevented me from blogging of late.  The journey of the body recovering.  The great part is that I was evicted from the care of doctors and chemicals.   316 more words

Breast Cancer

Friends That Get Me

A long time ago I read a dialogue exchange in a book between two characters who were discussing whether one of them could truly understand a situation having never experienced it. 580 more words

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I'm Retiring From Giving A Damn

I’ve had it.  I’m just done.  {With what? Tell us!  Tell us!}

I’m tired of analyzing things to death.  I’m tired of trying to figure out how to be me, but not break any of the fifty-eleven “rules” of what it means to be a considerate and respectful member of the human race, and tying myself into pretzel knots from head to toe. 357 more words

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