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Rest in Re-established Order, part IV

Adam’s Instruction:

“Out of the ground the Lord God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. 566 more words



I stand corrected. And mute. And grateful. At my husband’s church, I have been reminded that stereotypes are unacceptable: gently, kindly and without the slightest hint of rancour. 326 more words


I am amazed how some people, instead of striving to understand, resort to anger, bigotry, uninformed judgment, wild assumptions…. The real evil in this world is ignorance, most especially assertive ignorance.

The employer...

…. generally gets the employees he deserves

- J. Paul Getty


Different Needs


Treasures In The Garden

Sometimes people’s needs…….  

People don’t always need our advice.

 Sometimes what people need is

a hand to hold,an ear to listen and hear, 19 more words

Nurturing The Soul

Prayer without trust is dead (Part 1)

Series: The Prayers of a King

Scripture Reading

How blessed is the person, who does not take the advice of the wicked, who does not stand on the path with sinners, and who does not sit in the seat of mockers. 357 more words