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What are God's children like?

Today we take a break from prophet Isaiah. We read more about God our Father and learn from Jesus our eldest Brother.
We read what Jesus has spoken and taught His disciples in Luke 6:35-38 to see one important aspect of God that we hardly know before. 425 more words


Isaiah 41 God is a planter

As we have read before, God shows a great variety of interests, all meaning for our good! In the following powerful positive encouaging passage we can see that He likes planting trees too. 563 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Isaiah 34:11-17 God cares for the wildlife

In the passage from Isaiah 34:11-17, we see a promise that the wildlife will be preserved even when the human race fails.
Within only four verses, the Lord mentioned five types of birds, four types of animals, and two other types of unnamed wildlife. 351 more words

Holy Spirit

Isaiah 29: a fertile field prophecy

17 Soon—and it will not be very long—
    the forests of Lebanon will become a fertile field,
    and the fertile field will yield bountiful crops. 74 more words