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Undocumented, again.

It was around 5 p.m yesterday when I realized- my wallet is missing.

I searched high and low, traced every one of my steps. I drove and searched and nothing. 316 more words

Stylish Steyn

On Family
“The most consequential act of state ownership in the twentieth-century Western world was not the nationalization of airlines or the nationalization of railways or the nationalization of health care, but the nationalization of the family…Once upon a time, in Canada, Britain, Europe, and beyond, ambitious leftists nationalized industries – steel, coal, planes, cars, banks – but it was such a self-evident disaster that it’s been more of less abandoned, at least by those who wish to remain electorally viable. 352 more words


An (Italian) undocumented migrant in New York

We are used to thinking of ‘illegal’ migrants as others from us, so if you are Italian and live in Italy the ‘clandestino’ is always imagined as a dark skinned, male and young person who travelled to Italy by a perilous journey on a rickety boat. 642 more words

Migration And Mobility

Migrant children and the politics of irregular migration in Malmö and Birmingham: project and seminar

This winter Jacob Lind, a PhD student from Malmö University, is visiting IRiS to conduct ethnographic fieldwork for six months among migrant children and families in an irregular situation. 370 more words


SQL Internals : Useful Parameters for xp_readerrorlog

I know that most of you have been using sp_readerrorlog for long time. While working with SSMS, I noticed that we have options to put filters on various parameter. 708 more words

SQL Server