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California Lawmakers Target Immigrant Driver's License Scams

SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — Legislation sent to the governor’s desk Tuesday intends to crack down on people who try to make immigrants pay unnecessary fees for driver’s licenses. 422 more words


A person who I went to high school with posted this on their wall. We are friends on Facebook.

Listen, it is completely their right to post whatever the hell they want on their wall. 437 more words

Life In The U.S.

American's in Removal Proceedings

American’s in Removal Proceedings. Reblogged from http://wp.me/3JmXV

I haven’t written in a while, so I do have a rant all stored up and ready to go….. 1,047 more words


Are Most "Americans" Heartless?

When will we stop hating? Haven’t we learned from our past? Is history doomed to repeat itself?

In 1939, the United States turned over 900 Jewish refugees away… 685 more words

A Mayor’s Advice on the Unaccompanied-Minor Crisis

My town, Riverdale Park, Maryland, has grappled with unaccompanied minors arriving from Central America for years. I’ve been the mayor for the last nine, and for even longer, I’ve been an educator in our local school system with a very large immigrant population. 725 more words

The real definition of the word "amnesty"

When it comes to the immigration debate, the word amnesty gets thrown around a lot. In my opinion this word is being thoroughly misused, and in some cases as a deliberate attempt to inflame the emotions of the public. 267 more words


Movie Review: The Visitor

For my counseling diverse populations course, we had to watch one movie from a list of several, including Crash, Monsoon Wedding, Arranged, and several others. 314 more words

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