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My Smoke-Filled Demise

I am
The powerless fawn
Wallowing in the tatters
Of his own bloodied flesh

I am damned
A withering shell
The fading shadow
Of a stouthearted buck… 40 more words


Better This Way

I chased the
boys away.
I chased the
girls too.

I have
never played
well with others.

It is better
this way. I am
best on my own. 67 more words

Poem A Day

Paper Thin

It seems so overrated, right?
To show true feelings that you hide inside
Maybe if I was six feet thick,
The words that come out of my heart… 301 more words


My Undoing

Eh, I just ran out of coffee…

It means my morning is done, and I can now focus on emails.  I’ve never been codependent before, but coffee sure is great.  502 more words

Dance of the Divine

A sacred pulse

Sounding rhythm

Hold my breath

Edge of freedom

Head falls backward

Heart wide open

Heavens beauty

Drawing me to Him

Essence of Love… 43 more words


Confronting the past

     It is often repeated that one should live life with no regrets. Live life to the fullest! For many, this is easier said than done. Actions we’ve taken (or not taken) can cause tremendous psychic stress, whether we know it or not. 594 more words

On Greed

* Photo sourced from Pinterest, “Greed-MTG” credited to Izzy Medrano

Overcome with greed
Wanting to consume it all
Was his undoing
Causing him to choke and retch… 12 more words