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First I took back that batch of cookies I’d baked especially for her last weekend, the ones with rolled oats and butterscotch chips and chunks of toffee. 216 more words

Flash Fiction

Pride Was My Undoing, and That Is Why I'm Poor

When you find yourself at the bottom of the Barrel the best and worst news can be your only way up and out.

These are dark days in the house of Cannon. 472 more words



each day is okay
until it isn’t
like the seam of a pretty dress
coming undone -
too tempting to pick at
to be left alone… 46 more words


An open heart.

This past Sunday, I woke up and listened to one of my favorite musicians pouring her heart out about certain aspects of her life. It was a session  Steffany Greitzinger held on worship. 296 more words

undoing being

I unscreamed my wails of life with an abrupt deafening silence as my mother unbirthed me. My unwelcomed body slid from her opening of life & retracted me into her tunnel of damp darkness that unejected me after months of unprepared readiness. 211 more words


Part Three | My Home

I can feel it in my chest, I can hear it, the human noise we make, the beating of our hearts and breathing of this air is so loud it consumes us. 121 more words



Mama Will Return – Actually She Never Left