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Fossil Hunters Unearth Galloping, Dinosaur-Eating Crocodiles in Sahara

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The primitive crocodiles, which lived 100m years ago, were good swimmers but were also capable of galloping

Artist’s conception of one of the crocodiles, which had a soft, dog-like nose and was an agile galloper. 433 more words


Youtube comments #1

Have you ever looked at the comments on Youtube videos? They are ridiculous. It’s a scary window into the minds of the most uneducated people in the world. 114 more words


Heavy Metal Piracy Top 10 Of The Week 11/7 - 11/14/14

Every week millions of albums are illegally downloaded from various points on the Internet.  This is a chart of the top ten metal downloads in the last seven days. 80 more words


The Oncoming Awesome

Watchers Of Rule – Unearth

Unearth are criminally underappreciated. That’s a fact. They are and always have been one of the best metalcore bands going. The only other band that can match what should be their domination of the now often dull and repetitive genre is Killswitch Engage. 564 more words


'Watchers Of Rule' Becomes Too Predictable

Album: Watchers Of Rule
Artist: Unearth
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 28 October 2014
Official Website: Unearth.tv

Diagnosis: By now it’s not a surprise that Unearth released another album that is pretty much the same as the other albums they’ve been putting out, but at what point does it become tiring? 430 more words


Unearth - Watchers Of Rule

It is a familiar tale when a band proves to, somewhat early in career, release an album of such quality that to match its benchmark perhaps hampers any subsequent output. 311 more words


Unearth - Watchers of Rule

 Oddly enough, it’s not often that I can really find a band that has made an album that I can say with 100% certainty is undeniably material that is tradition head-banging material. 211 more words

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