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[Neromashin] RECYCLE (KanColle)

There’s a horrendous abundance of KanColle doujins, and as is usual there is also a terrible abundance of drek. But there are a few that manage to draw a few key elements of the game into the story and make it awesome. 141 more words

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Flashing Myself into the Mood (Subconsciously)

I wrote this to get myself writing again. Did some light editing but it’s mostly fresh off the subconscious. Enjoy, if you can.

I find it so hard to write sometimes. 535 more words

Writing Life

Brand-New Topographics

The welcome week task was to produce ten images, combining a specific location point around the city with a photographers quote. It was definitely a big comprehension into what the year will be, and how different it is to A-levels and my Foundation, as we will be pushed and encouraged to try new things. 167 more words


[Fukadume Kizoku] D's Magical Girl Final (Madoka)

Madoka and all the girls pinned to the side of a building, tortured and raped. If that doesn’t get Madoka to change her mind then nothing will. 24 more words

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[Fukadume Kizoku] D's Magical Girl II (Madoka)

If going after Madoka fails, then go after Homura. She’s the one who actually knows her shit, anyway.

This is the second part of three.

Script: Ds II

Gallery: EXHentai

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[Fukadume Kizoku] D's Magical Girl (Madoka)

Madoka wished for the wrong thing, apparently. QC is out to make her change her change her wish, by force if necessary. And some mighty sexy force it is, too. 13 more words

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Sonnet (unedited)

She curls herself, conceals the heat of night
Inside the fabric of her linen sheets,
Her eyes stay sealed so won’t admit the light
And listen to her heart trip out of beat. 80 more words