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Why I Write - September 29, 2014

Every so often I have published a post like this when I am feeling particularly inspired by a belief/idea. I think it’s important to reflect on why you are writing, especially in terms of seeing writing as a passion rather than a job. 293 more words


"we can remember everything" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Sunday September 28, 2014
5 minutes
Writing Down The Bones
Natalie Goldberg

we can remember everything
not only what happened to us
what happened to the ones that came before… 119 more words

"we can remember everything" by Julia on the train to Parma, Italy

Sunday September 28, 2014
5 minutes
Writing Down The Bones
Natalie Goldberg

We can so we don’t think we have to try.
We do, though. 146 more words

"Really cute, bright (near markets)" by Sasha at Higher Grounds Coffee House

Friday September 26, 2014 at Higher Grounds Coffee House
5 minutes
Julia’s apartment research

When you go to school, look people in the eye and question authority. 303 more words

"It'll be fine in a second" by Sasha at the Library

Thursday September 25, 2014
5 minutes
From Jess’ lamp speech

One of the girls shrieks and many of the women on the subway car (all of the women on the subway car, save one, who grew up in the country and never went through this particular phase in this particular way) who are over twenty five (and a few who are under, yes, wiser than their years, I was, in some ways, yes) feel a pang of agony at the loudness and the shrillness and the too-tight dresses. 74 more words

"Let's be honest." by Sasha at her kitchen table

Tuesday September 23, 2014
5 minutes
Adria Vasil

Don’t get married. That’s what I’d say. You’ll sacrifice things that you’ll wish you hadn’t. You’ll sacrifice yourself, your time, your goals, what you want to have for dinner… Life is about sacrifices, I get that, but on this day-to-day basis? 127 more words

"a rebirth or maybe a leap" by Sasha on the bus

Monday September 22, 2014
5 minutes
from Jess’ email to her family

When we find him there, he’s shaking
But not from fear
Don’t worry… 88 more words