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Andy Warhol and language

“Words troubled and failed Andy Warhol,” writes Wayne Koestenbaum on the first page of his biography of the artist (Penguin Books, 2001), even though Warhol wrote many books, “with ghostly assistance”, and had a distinctive speaking style. 365 more words


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Oscar Wilde was said to have spoken like the written word. His spoken sentences were elegant, perfectly structured finished pieces, though he spoke them spontaneously, in the middle of heated conversation. Certainly that is a rare gift. Wasn’t any use to him in the long run anyway. I love uncut spontaneous interviews. Some of the best thing of this kind I’ve seen is a long interview with the Texas psychedelic punk band Butthole Surfers, in their early years. All of them reclined in a big hotel bed, most likely all stoned out of their minds. Hearing a longer uncut interview gives one a completely different feel for those involved, and you see how the conversation evolves. It may seem chaotic at first, with loose ends all over the damned place, but in the end your impression is far more cohesive. It doesn’t work as well with experienced interviewees, I find, because they start using the same formulations over and over, in order to reduce the effort they have to put in to an interview. It sounds smoother, polished, but they are using stock sentences that can be heard in thousands of interviews. Most interviewers are no better in this respect. In any case, what got me on this tack was the following, reblogged from Sentence first. Thanks for the pointer.

"Speeding through space..." by Sasha on her couch

Wednesday October 29, 2014
5 minutes
Leaves of Grass
Walt Whitman

There you are
Speeding through space
Reminding yourself of your favourite childhood mug… 112 more words

"exit only" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Tuesday October 28, 2014
5 minutes
from the side of a tper bus

Megan and I are walking in the maze-like markets of Marrakech. “Hannah Montana!” “Blue eyes!” “Blue eyes Hannah Montana!” They shout. 84 more words

"thank you for your hate" by Sasha on her couch

Monday October 27, 2014
5 minutes
from an e-mail

I’m gonna be a caterpillar for Halloween. I’m going to be a caterpillar with a fuzzy body and a million legs. 111 more words

"in the passenger seat" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Sunday October 26, 2014
5 minutes
from the early draft of a screenplay

He’s in the passenger and he adjusts the radio and you snap. 103 more words

[Oyster] Happy Abattoir Families 2

Hey, look! I learned how to spell Abattoir! :)

Akari goes to talk to Hinako, but unfortunately the gang rapists have been “employed” to “watch over” the house. 97 more words

Script Only

me- raw and unedited...

I am putting this out there. Me, totally raw and unretouched… I invite you to do the same! Post a photo of yourself totally raw… I appreciate my beauty.