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Throwback article (unedited) : Turiya

I wrote this when I was in 1st year. I find it pretty raw and well, young and confused. It’s quite something, well the past isn’t so bad is it? 1,505 more words

My Philosophical Musings

"The six methods are:" by Julia at MAKE coffee+stuff

Thursday July 24, 2014 at MAKE
5 minutes
Ashtanga Yoga Primer
Baba Hari Das/em>

Oh for coping? I guess I have some experience. I usually don’t talk about them with anyone though.
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Ambrose at Mesa Grill

Mexican food was of great comfort to Ambrose after foiled schemes. Well, Mexican food at Mesa Grill was in any case; in fact, it was so much of a comfort that when Ambrose occasionally forgot to change out of his costume, the waiters didn’t so much as flinch. 3,074 more words


Water droplet

 The focus in this picture is slightly off however I like the clarity of the dew against the leaves. This was captured just at the right time so that the drop was almost falling, yet still attached to the leaf.


Church door

 This Is a bracket off an old door. I liked the contrast and shapes this created. I took this for my GCSE art project on structures.


Much funnier than it looks

Adam Cayton-Holland did one of the funniest sets I’ve seen at UMS tonight.

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