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October 25th

Dear Sophia,

I love you. I never thought love could be scary but now I understand more. The amount you love having something is the same amount of pain you’d feel if it was taken away. 640 more words


"Self Entitlement" -Just Settle

So I was talking to two close friends yesterday and we went into a tangent about the state of our lives, where we are, where we thought we would be by now, where we want to go and how to get there. 492 more words

Job Market

being a mother IS important, being a mother is IMPORTANT......

I swear, that has to be my mantra everyday for me to get out of this FUNK I’M IN. well, this funk I’ve been in for a few years now, but has recently gotten worse. 265 more words


Pain, the feeling we harbour in our soul

Pain, the feeling you get when you’re told a close relative has died

Pain is when you’ve cried your eyes out, knowing that your no longer loved, 59 more words


Identity, self-acceptance and the glory of discovering you are Napoleon

Who are you? Who are we? And, especially relevant here, who the hell am I? Are you the Italian fisherman that saved me yesterday from certain death or is this an… 1,392 more words


The First 5 Days

So it’s been about 5 days since I was told I no longer had a job. What has life been like these past 5 days? Well to be honest, it’s been a bit confusing. 744 more words


They Are Not Cutting Any Thing From Their Job, Just People

Bob L.      Just My Opinion
Oct. 24th 2014

Every time you hear of people losing their jobs, you never hear of the top Executive or Board of Directors losing their job, or pay to help make the Company more viable, look how much money they all make, and then they want you the Employee to make concessions so they can keep their pay, Their Fancy Homes, and Health Insurance that they don’t pay their Employees, why, they say they can not afford to, the first place you start is at the TOP then go down the list, it just show how dumb college educated people are, it is them and no one else, THEY CALL THAT GREED… 485 more words