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Why being 23 Is Such A Joke In This Economy

What do you do now? September has come and you’re not planning your next theme party or updating those syllabuses to your Lilly Pulitzer organizer. Instead, you’re trying to figure out how the hell you’re going to move out of your parent’s house while having no income or feasible way of supporting yourself. 526 more words


You know those words that people say that you’re not quite sure if you know the definition. But you have a pretty good guess as to what it means so you never decide to look it up. 732 more words

Labour's minimum wage announcement is much weaker than it seems

Ed Miliband goes into this week’s Labour Party Conference with another ‘big’ announcement. He is pledging to raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour. 232 more words


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      Business as usual... no real change. And what, if anything, does Ed have to say about raising benefits in line with inflation ?

This is my life.

Mother of fuck.

I’ve caught what I think is Rubella. I would love to know what it is for sure but I’m fucking unemployed as a stay at home mother and my husband was recently laid the fuck off. 68 more words

Woe Is Me

Recently Graduated Portlander, Jobless

You’ve seen the show Portlandia. I’ll gladly tell you that the show is based mostly on truth, that there really are some Portlanders who embody those very personalities. 471 more words

Day Eight Hundred and Thirty Nine of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Early Morning

I managed to wake up early this morning. I had had a better sleep last night. I felt a little less anxious, too. The memory of my house guests are getting dimmer so that’s good, too. 586 more words