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A little post about graduating.

This time last week I had just graduated. I was emerging from Keele University’s Chapel no longer a student, but a graduate. Not to mention, three days away from being unemployed too. 1,183 more words

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Early Morning

I had another good sleep last night because it was cooler. I set two alarms to make sure that I would wake up early because I was picking up two friends to go volunteer at a bicycle gran fondo race. 703 more words

Quarterly Life Crisis: Stage #1

As a recent Graduate my twenties has not been what I expected, or hoped.

I have no career and I still live with my parents. I am your typical… 338 more words

Generation Y

Don't judge a book by it's cover - a case study

Stereotypes are not easily broken, and are something the majority of people encounter at some point in their lives. You can be judged on so many different things from the way you look to how you speak, but today I was judged simply because of where I was: 1,046 more words

All Jobcentres to be Shut?

Iain Duncan Smith Urged By Senior Tories To Shut All Jobcentres

No this is not a story from the Daily Mash (‘COFFEE’ served in Scottish cafes is actually high strength lager) 470 more words


Stress Relief

While waiting for my mother to get checked in for her doctor’s appointment, I saw this sign tacked to a wall.  It made me smile. 512 more words

Walking With God