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Lessons Learned from The Kardashian App

Last week, I had an out of body experience. It had to be an out-of-body experience, because in-body, I would have never done it. On Friday, I downloaded the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. 703 more words

Craving Cake (6)

Firstly, omg, this blog now actually has some likes and followers!!!! How did you come across my mess?

Secondly, how is my diet going I hear you ask. 195 more words

Hypocrite David Cameron wants to stop working people fighting for their rights

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Digital by default, that’s what the CONDEMS keep telling us! That’s why they shut ALL 240 HMRC walk in enquiry centres because taxpayers can go on the internet to get their problem sorted. 587 more words

Shameless - Workfare Exploiting Charities Slam The Benefit Sanctions They Are Responsible For

In an act of breath-taking hypocrisy, the Salvation Army, along with the YMCA, have both signed a letter to The Times calling the current benefit sanctioning regime unfair and counter-productive. 319 more words

Welfare Reform

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    First the Lib Dems pretending they didn't really like the Bedroom tax, now this. What next ? Iain Duncan Smith proposing benefit increases ?

EmployThis® Unveils A Mobile-Ready Cloud Platform To Help The 23 Million Either Out-Of-Work Or Looking to Change Jobs This Year

EmployThis® is a suite of mobile-ready power tools to help job seekers get hired. Want that “Dream Job?” Be prepared with EmployThis and land it! 22 more words

Hello Somebody!

The other day I had a discussion with a group of friends about competition. We were talking about the ways in which we feel like we have to compete in this world. 551 more words