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"What The Republicans Failed To Accomplish": Vital Tasks The House Did Not Address Before Taking An Unnecessary Recess

Many House members were at the airport yesterday, desperate to begin their five-week vacation, when the chamber’s leadership called them back. An emergency bill to provide money for the humanitarian crisis at the Southern border had earlier been pulled from the floor because of objections from the hard right; now some Republicans wanted to try again. 296 more words


Will work-for-the-dole work in Australia?

One of the strongest empirical findings of modern labour economics is the benefit exhaustion spike. This is the large increase, shown in the diagram, in the probability of finding a job on the eve of exhausting unemployment benefits or unemployment insurance eligibility. 1,106 more words

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Study: Unemployment cuts by states saved little money

States that slashed unemployment benefits during the recession enjoyed little in the way of savings and failed to encourage job seekers to find work more quickly, according to a recent study. 317 more words


Unemployment Benefits Extension2012 Legislation Approved

The information regarding the unemployment benefits extension2012 was spread and it was on hot discussion; at last congress has approved the bill about the unemployment benefits extension and has been indicated by the president bark Obama, thus turning into law. 172 more words

Employment Insurance

Employment insurance is very essential

Employment insurance will aid you keep from moving bankrupt if you miss your job! If you want to live a stress free life, then you might need to peruse regarding employment insurance. 204 more words

Employment Insurance

About employment insurance

It has often been said that bad things can happen to you even without your cooperation. That can also be said about jobs and careers. Lack of available work, reorganizations and retrenchments, mass lay-off and mergers, in recent fast speed anything can happen. 94 more words

Employment Insurance

What is Insurance

What is Insurance

Insurance to some folks is just an essential thing. We give our hard acquired money for it, all the while knowing in the back of our minds that we are wasting our cash. 72 more words

Employment Insurance