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Older Workers Who Lost Their Jobs During The Great Recession In US - Stronger welfare policies would have helped their mental health research finds

The old cliché states, “Money doesn’t make you happy”, but is this really true? In new research, Carlos Riumallo-Herl finds that wealth had an insulating effect against depression for older workers who lost their jobs during the Great Recession in the U.S. 108 more words

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"Not A Good Sign": Wisconsin’s Walker, Struggling, Rolls Out New Platform

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) had a plan: win a second term, take advantage of a good year for Republicans, and soon after prepare for a national campaign. 662 more words



I’m happy that some of you think so highly of yourself that you can demand pay at twice the value of your position. When it comes to mundane and rote tasking, I can understand how you might be bored, but continue doing the job just to have somewhere to go and some spending money. 505 more words


Political Principle v. Political Expediency

I can remember times in our recent past when it seemed that our country was coming apart at the seams.  The years of demonstrations, sometimes violent, related to the struggle for civil rights, tore at the very fabric of our nation.     689 more words

"What The Republicans Failed To Accomplish": Vital Tasks The House Did Not Address Before Taking An Unnecessary Recess

Many House members were at the airport yesterday, desperate to begin their five-week vacation, when the chamber’s leadership called them back. An emergency bill to provide money for the humanitarian crisis at the Southern border had earlier been pulled from the floor because of objections from the hard right; now some Republicans wanted to try again. 296 more words


Will work-for-the-dole work in Australia?

One of the strongest empirical findings of modern labour economics is the benefit exhaustion spike. This is the large increase, shown in the diagram, in the probability of finding a job on the eve of exhausting unemployment benefits or unemployment insurance eligibility. 1,106 more words

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