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Government could save money by subsidising sickness & unemployment insurance for chronically ill

The rules covering sickness insurance in the UK are, quite frankly, ridiculous.

You can get sickness insurance so that your mortgage and monthly bills are covered provided that you are well when you take it out. 774 more words

Jobless Claims in US - Lowest level for 4-week moving averag average since May 6, 2000

In the week ending October 18, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 283,000, an increase of 17,000 from the previous week’s revised level. 76 more words

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Eligibility Requirements For Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance or the Dole are social welfare programs conducted jointly by the State and Federal Govt. to provide financial help to unemployed individuals. The benefit amounts are often small and are designed to cover the basic necessities like food and shelter. 465 more words


Candidate Survey: Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness

The first time I got a survey from Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, I put it in the “to do” pile and there it stayed until I managed to dig it out and realize it was past due. 99 more words


Employment Up, Interest Rates Falling Again

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We are still in the Goldilocks economy—it’s not too hot or too cold. In fact, there is enough geopolitical unrest (now it’s the Hong Kong youth protests against China’s hardliners) to drive down interest rates, and boost U.S. 619 more words

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Europe - Try the improved European Unemployment Insurance scheme simulator

Following on from our previous blog post on this topic, we invite you to try out our improved European Unemployment Insurance (EUI) scheme simulator which now includes a line graph to chart the evolution of the net flows from the scheme and its situation, as well as a heat map of all European countries. 215 more words

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For an European unemployment insurance - A Commission Report

The best idea for an EMU-level automatic fiscal stabiliser is in my view a scheme where fiscal stimulus is provided to countries of the monetary union based on developments in their short-term unemployment. 561 more words

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