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And So It Goes...#514

There’s nothing quite like a healthy and invigorating dose of fear to act as a moral corrective to the West’s strident,hubristic militarism with which they’ve terrorised and cowed the rest of the world into submission over many decades. 265 more words

UK Politics

Blame Who or What

The sense of empowerment that is part of American individualism benefits Americans. People who feel empowered, able to shape the world, and responsible for themselves tend, social psychological research shows, to act more forcefully and succeed more often than people who feel themselves to be at the mercy of others or of larger forces. 692 more words

Target Audience(s)

This is going to be a bit of an information-dump post so I can begin to get my head around exactly who is effected by the issue of the Australian government devaluing the Arts (especially in regards to unemployed artists receiving the dole), and begin to nut out my target audience. 1,068 more words


[Cross-Post] "Why Not Have Full Technological Unemployment?" by Mr. Wilson

(Nick’s Notes: You can find the original post here)

I recently came across this excellent video CGP Grey and felt the need to share it: 455 more words


Have it covered

A couple of weeks ago I was knocked back for an editorial assistant job. Although the commiserating email is not uncommon in my life, this particular one gave me the option to ask for further feedback regarding my application. 553 more words


It's been a long time...

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last post and since then my life has had its ups and downs. Since then I’ve had an interview (yay!) gotten the job (YAYY!!) and then just as quickly I quit ( boooo!)…. 1,160 more words


I have held many jobs during my working years but I’ve never had such a difficult time finding a good job worth holding onto. Granted, I did quit my last job but that’s another story. 112 more words