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Employment In 2015?

Who the hell knows? After last year, there’s certainly no reason for me to expect it. I couldn’t even get a an interview at Target during the holiday season, where it seems any teenager with a zit and a dream is able to work. 204 more words

A Lull in the Storm

The Congressional Budget Office has a sterling reputation for collecting accurate data and making credible predictions about basic economic and fiscal trends.  CBO analyses, which are based on current law, are generally accepted as valid by both liberals and conservatives.  314 more words

Jack Heidel

Square One

After being on probation six years out of the ten that I was sentenced, I look back and realize I’ve come a long way on this journey.  691 more words


If Revisionist UI Models Are Wrong, So Are Revisionist Minimum Wage Models

The Hagedorn, Manovskii, and Mitman working paper on the effect of unemployment insurance (UI) on employment has been getting a lot of press lately. In brief, they find that the end of the federal unemployment insurance extension accounts for about 1.8 million new jobs in 2014. 476 more words


Worker’s expectations about losing and replacing their jobs: 35 years of change

Worker’s expectations about losing and replacing their jobs: 35 years of change
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

In a 1980 Monthly Labor Review article, I used data from 1977 and 1978 nationwide public opinion surveys to show that relatively few (7.7 percent) workers surveyed feared the loss of their jobs and a majority (59.2 percent) thought that they could find comparable work without much difficulty.

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