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The Red Pill Truths About Your Long Term Unemployment

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Long term unemployment is not so much a reflection of your skills, attitude, and abilities. It’s more a reflection that human labor is being hollowed out.

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Shoved off the hamster wheel. Ten things I learned in 10 weeks of unemployment

To forestall the inevitable criticism, I do understand how incredibly fortunate I am to have ONLY experienced 10 weeks without a job. The statistics are frightening for women like me hurtling towards age 60.  1,300 more words


An Open Letter To President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

What is it that makes our country great? At our core we are dreamers. Our dreams and those of our forefathers have made the U.S. 719 more words

5 Ways to Make Funemployment Fun (And Look Good on Your Resume)

We all knew finding a job would be hard, but not this hard. When my business friends already had jobs lined up since their junior year, I, an “arts and crafts” major, had a minor panic attack. 875 more words


It isn't hypothetical fun

It’s interesting, or something, how we all read things differently. Today’s prompt from the Daily Post was no doubt intended as something light-hearted. It’s baseball for heaven’s sake. 564 more words

Writing Prompts

Horrifying New Developments

I don’t know why, but October has been a month for milestones. David was getting pretty good at rolling around, but once he realized he could roll toward things he wanted, it was as if a switch were flipped in his little brain. 229 more words


Labour calls on municipal candidates to address poverty, unemployment

Windsor’s labour community is pushing the poverty agenda in the Oct. 27 municipal election with a report showing poverty and unemployment levels are worse here than in the rest of Canada. 614 more words