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Why so secret? The Ajanta Experience

The first thing that strikes one is how thoroughly concealed these caves are. You can only see it once you are in the complex. No one, even a kilometre away, would have a clue that something like this exists. 1,079 more words


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

On first glance I though that the scene on this card (from Alberto, Canada) was fairly unimpressive, although it looks like an amazing vista. But when I looked on the UNESCO World Heritage Site website I discovered that this cliff or ledge was used by the indigenous people of the land for almost 6000 years as a ‘buffalo jump’. 74 more words


From the Czech Republic

This card ticked all my boxes! It is beautiful, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it was on my ‘favourites list’. Thanks Michaela!

Travel time = 12 days


The Belarus mystery solved!

I got an immense sense of satisfaction from researching this card! The description on the back is long and detailed… and in two languages that I don’t speak. 99 more words


Temple of Confucius, China

This is the Temple of Confucius in Qufu, China, and is also my first UNESCO World Heritage Site card. Thank you so much Dane!

Travel time = 20 days


UNESCO's World Heritage Sites of South Africa

Written by Valentina Romano

South Africa is a country known for its stunning national parks, as well as beautiful beaches, and incredible wildlife.

People who travel there would usually head to the Kruger National Park to admire the wonderful surroundings and the wild animals. 214 more words


Sri Lanka, the next big luxury travel destination?

Sri Lanka is on the brink of becoming South Asia’s “it” destination for the upscale traveler. Abercrombie and Kent, the world’s leading luxury travel company, are now operating tours out of Colombo, and a host of influential hotel groups are getting ready to make their mark: Hyatt later this year and Shangri-La by 2017. 561 more words

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