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My son had a breakdown

After the car catastrophe, my son had a nervous breakdown. Once again, he was suffering from PTSD. He felt that everything was his fault. He felt that the wreck would not have happened if we hadn’t driven to Florida. 172 more words

Five reasons I'll never read 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Well, at least never read it straight through, because I have to admit to having read exerts — often aloud. What can I say? I like sharing bad aloud, and the great thing about “Fifty Shades of Grey” is I can flip to any page and get bad. 999 more words


Coalition of the...gullible?

I’ll refrain from using phrases like ‘we all know’, ‘it’s common knowledge’, and so on, but it seems obvious to me that the world is a lot more complex than those in control would like us to believe, a lot more dangerous, and sadly, a lot more profitable. 904 more words