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The Ungrateful (vous avez bien travaillé)

Three different ones in 30 days. That is how many countries I’ve been in the last month. Three countries not including my own, so that would make it four countries I’ve set my feet on in a little over four weeks. 413 more words


the (un)fairness of it all

Back in school whenever I’d start a sentence with: “but mom, everybody else..” she’d stop me, and remind me we are not everybody else. What applies to them doesn’t need to apply to us. 340 more words



The world is a bad place, a bad place. A terrible place to live. Oh, but I don’t want to die. ~ Reflections of My Life, Marmalade… 880 more words



It’s been 11 years since my Dad died.

I may have gotten used to the hole his absence left, but on days like today as I think of all the things he’s missed out on, I still rail against the unfairness of it all. 11 more words

My Absurd Life

Unicorns, Puppydogs, and Rainbows--Oh My!

Call me a stone cold bitch, but the world isn’t a happy place where people bend over backwards to kiss your ass.  There are no true selfless people, no fully-committed do-givers, and no gentle caresses.   1,857 more words

Just Why???

all you are not

Sometimes I use this place to whine and whinge in an awfully boring, embarrassingly self-pitying fashion. Here is another one of those posts.

It’s almost the opposite of Imposter Complex and yet it feels like a close relative: that unavoidable feeling or even that fleetingly bold *knowing beyond all reasonable doubt* – you really are better than where you are working and what you are doing, day in, day out. 400 more words

Random Guff

They Want Differently: A Primer on Women's Sin and Genius

It is well-known–at least among the blogs and commenters I read–that men and women want different things from the other. For example: Women tend to prioritize a man’s material resources, while men tend to prioritize a woman’s beauty. 438 more words

Beautiful Truths