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I would like it too!

I see them in the morning everyday

Neatly dressed, looking fresh, and hopping their way.

I see them happy, with their bags, in their tidy plaited hair. 368 more words

Random Rambles

Passing Through (A Rural City)

Each standing ruin
The gutless ex-homes
They shelter nothing now

What remains then?
The cracks like varicose veins on all four walls
All the local farming folks pulling their second-hand yolks and in ignorant bliss… 113 more words


Day 89

Bad News! The appellate court summarily denied my petition. What does this mean? I have to settle my divorce based on date of separation 2001. This means that 10 years of our married life did not exist in the court’s eyes and I get nothing. 754 more words



In your court

I remain a threat to your fort

All my evidence will yield no dividends

Because I have been interrogated and tried in the court of your thoughts… 87 more words

Is Fairness Overrated?

               It wasn’t fair, but I was a late bloomer.  In other words, I was an easy target for cruel remarks in my younger years.  I’ll never forget the time our high school chorus teacher asked me to sing a few lines of a song we were working on.  461 more words


Competitive gaming, campers and the unfairness of life

Many years ago I was playing a Star Wars themed multiplayer arena game. Two players would duel and others were waiting in the queue and spectating. 570 more words

Wisdom & Skillfulness


Stereotypes. You know, the completely incorrect generalizations we all make on a daily basis: A group of teenagers is trouble. Blonds are dumb.  Muslims are terrorists. 587 more words