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Yes, God is Unfair

If there was such a thing as the “fairness police,” my children would be prime candidates for a place on the force.  Every real and perceived injustice in this house is met with protests of, “It’s not fair!”  They see to it that I am well aware of any inconsistencies in my parenting.   1,077 more words


What our society has come to

Is this called living? Is this what we were created to be? Empty vessels forced against our will to go through the same cycles daily. Who are we pleasing? 199 more words

Day 181: A One Month Lawyer

I borrowed $10,000 to retain an attorney because my prior attorney was burnt out and wanted out.

Well, a month later and $10,000 spent, with nothing to show for it, my current attorney has scheduled an emergency hearing for next Monday for a motion to withdraw!! 1,277 more words


The day I got some rest but no mental peace (Monologue day 24)

September 27, 2014

It was a nice sunny Saturday. My office has only 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of a month off. Isn’t that awesome!?!?

I cancelled all my plans with friends and decided to stay home and rest because I got a 2 day weekend after such a long time, it sounded just perfect to my lazy procrastinating mind! 262 more words

Day 172: Losing Again in Divorce Court

The justice system is corrupt and the judges do not rule objectively or follow the laws, as indicative of my personal experiences in divorce court these past two years. 289 more words


A Terrible Day for Two of Us

“Why are you here? Just go. Change to another class.”

“He won’t even let us go to the bathroom.”

“Your writing is boring. It puts me to sleep.” 752 more words


Sexism in the Classroom

Sexism is a huge topic. It is something that I am against 100%. In my tutor, we have lots of boys who complain that our tutor is sexist. 453 more words