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Unfair Workplaces 🙈😲

I find it unfair how at some jobs you can work your ass off and have those people who just slack off and fuck around at work but they are the ones who get the promotions 😠. 401 more words


Outside the City Gate


In the wilderness

Of lost

The cost

Is great

No soul of consolation

Can come to compensate

The hold

So cold

Of fate

So cruel… 91 more words


Unfairness in the New York City District Attorney’s Office

January 6, 2015

The Honorable Charles Rangel

2354 Rayburn HOB

United States House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

My name is Cedric and I reside at————-. 358 more words

Great Recession

Dear God

Dear God

I know that we,as humans,being mere mortals have no right to and can never judge you.But these days,I’ve found myself questioning the fairness of your actions or rather lack of it. 280 more words


Date Stamp: Monday December 1, 2014

Hey, welcome Monday. This is a special day for us, but we’re not discussing it. It’s really no-one’s business as to what we’re doing. 256 more words

Poem - The Selfless Soccer Ball

The soft blowing wind against my face

Running, chasing, panting, to get there first

To get your beauty in my possession

To be there to get the victory, the applause, the honor… 185 more words


Stereotyping; forever eating at humanity

In my opinion, we put emphasis on all the wrongest things in life. As I lie under my covers on this misty Friday morning, I think back to the conversations I have had over the past few days. 407 more words

Evils In The World