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How it all started

We were casually standing on the schoolyard. Once again our topic was our future. Which jobs we would take and how those jobs looked like. 499 more words



I’m having a hard time with this one lately.

I haven’t quite figured out how to manage the space inside my head and heart when it comes to remembering this when certain toxic people – people I can’t completely separate from, since they’re connected to me through family – begin to spread negativity and try to draw me into the suffocating well of it. 151 more words


I've never hated my life before

I’ve never hated my life before.

I had an amazing family.

I still do.

I had an amazing circle of friends.

I still do.

I had an amazing life. 196 more words

Random Thoughts
A Child between the age of 6 to 8 develops the feeling of unfairness and meaningful justice. So humans can’t be “egoistic from the very beginning”

Rant at those who do not listen to the little voice

I generally don’t really ‘do’ anger. This is for several reasons:

1) life is too short to waste time feeling tied up in emotional knots; 1,325 more words


Peacocks of beauty, have it all

Saints in duty, get it all

When your nights fall

Pride will shine to fan you in darkness

II… 90 more words


I Can't Breathe

The kind of world I live in, is one where…

Friendship is kept but not valued.

Love is a tool, not an emotion.

Justice depends on opinion, rather than fact. 252 more words