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Moving into the unfamiliar

Moving away from the familiar into the unfamiliar can be filled with uncertainty. If you just moved into a dorm at college, started a new job, or moved into a new state, God will provide comfort. 156 more words


Dinner With An Old Friend

Stars and galaxies overhead
Alcohol and chemicals in my head
Sometimes it’s too much
Other times not nearly enough
Open arms feel the love
Closed eyes feel the flood… 34 more words


Unfamiliar Territory

Do you find yourself in unfamiliar territory? Unfamiliar territory can come in many different forms.

As I told you before, I travel all over the world, therefore, I am always in unfamiliar territory. 142 more words

Finding my Inner German

The Continuous Process of Adjusting to the Unfamiliar

There are more cows than people here. I couldn’t count on two hands the number of times I’ve heard someone say that. 630 more words


Update - “Encountering the Unfamiliar:” Crossing Out, Underscoring, and Misspelling

I am firmly grounded in the editing portion of my essay, “Encountering the Unfamiliar.” As I’ve slowly worked through my various silly mistakes, vague statements, and unsupported arguments over the last four weeks I’ve discovered how truly grateful I am for word-processing. 233 more words

I Hate Subbing

I am a substitute teacher but not by choice. And I absolutely hate it. I absolutely dread schools calling for subs. I often pray that I will not have to sub several days a week. 222 more words

Dangerously in Love...

Have you ever been so deep in love with someone that the feeling scared you?

I’ve always questioned the authenticity of love in it of itself. 352 more words