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Taste Adventure

If you choose the same things the way you have chosen them, you’ll get the same results you have always gotten. Let’s find another interesting taste and mix it up, push yourselves try different things. 56 more words



I am writing out loud as I consider the first of four William James’s criteria for a mystical state. Interacting with the criteria as I hear them. 156 more words


Swan Dive into Your Fear

On February 6th I quit my job working for a large company.  Levi and I both knew it wasn’t a long-term goal to work in a traditional sense.  416 more words

Words You're Not Used To

In this world, when you tell someone your dreams, your deepest aspirations, something that gets your heart fired up, this is the responses I always hear, “That’s going to take a lot of time.” or “Its very hard to do that.” It’s almost as if these responses have become a habit. 210 more words


How My Wife and Pinterest Called Me Out

When it comes to home improvement projects, fixing things around the house, or just hanging a frame on the wall I’m about as clueless as they come. 782 more words


DAY 96 of 365: Unfamiliar world

I’ve never been close to my cousins in the father side. I wasn’t comfortable during our reunions even when we’re still kids. I would recognize their faces but barely remember their names. 287 more words

365 Challenge

“I dreamt of meeting Fitzgerald. He approached me as a stranger, and i approached him as a long lost friend. I told him i understand. I told him that i knew everything.

15 more words