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8-Bit Unforgiven

In a rather gloomy place of late. Might be making a few more like this, but for now I leave you all with Unforgiven, originally made by Metallica.

Great Scot! Music Monday - The Dirty Beggars - Come Away With Me

Today’s music recommendation combines two of my favorite things, Scotsmen and bluegrass.  Thanks to a tweet from Brian Ferguson (@brianjaffa) looking for help finding a venue for this guys in DC for July, I was introduced to the music of The Dirty Beggars. 74 more words


More American Cool

The American Cool exhibit at the Smithsonian is just too…well, cool for me to pass up some more photos on display there.

Who doesn’t like Audrey Hepburn?  818 more words


Review of Vikings, Season 2 Episode 6, "Unforgiven"

So what did I learn from this episode? Not much actually. You don’t mess with these people, and when you do, you better run and hide because they’re going to find you and end you. 480 more words

Withholding Forgiveness? How's That Working For You?

In their inspiring book “Forgiving Forward:  Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution”, Bruce and Toni Hebel remind us that the blood of Jesus cleanses all sin, … 399 more words

10 Movies Every Man Needs to See or, Really, Everyone (Men and Women) Needs to See These

Too often a “guy movie” has some action hero shooting stuff up, blowing stuff up, and then having his way with whatever women he happens to see. 1,160 more words


OBPC #65: Unforgiven, 1992

Rating:  3½ stars (out of 4)

Unforgiven (1992): Dir. Clint Eastwood.  Written by: David Web Peoples.  Starring: Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Jaimz Woolvett, and Richard Harris.  335 more words

Oscars Best Picture Countdown