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Thank you Mr. Eastwood! - A tribute to an American icon

“Go ahead, make my day!” Most film-fans are familiar with this quote. Of course they are, given that the man who said this is so iconic and unique that he will go down in history as one of the biggest legends the world of film has ever seen. 200 more words

American Sniper


I usually change the cars at office when I am running away from the media so that they wouldn’t know the precise location of my house if anyone tails the car but today, after everything that had happened, I don’t think I have the energy to go ahead and do something about the media and career. 584 more words



I felt a shiver crawl my back as his car raced past by ours. He wasn’t driving it today unlike many other times in past two years. 715 more words



She was sitting on the corner of the wooden bench, wearing a chiffon-white-colored sari. The curves of her body openly taunting me with the red scars that they were covered with. 1,216 more words


74. Unforgiven

Although the western to end all westerns was released in the late sixties (one we’ll revisit later), Unforgiven is a dark, final nod to a genre. 470 more words

BBPX Top 100

6 Degrees of Harry Potter III

This past week J.K. Rowling set the twitterverse ablaze with a cryptic message that had Harry Potter fans chomping at the bit. The tweet was in reference to the new film… 832 more words

Pop Culture

AMV Roundup! Final Fantasy 7- Unforgiven

Wow. My jaw hit the floor watching this AMV because it’s beautiful. I think the song choice of Unforgiven is perfect, because when Advent Children opens, Cloud is still struggling with his guilt and seeking forgiveness over the loss of Aeris and Zack. 98 more words