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Trailer Tracks: Unforgiven (1992) - Clint Eastwood

This, hands down, is my favorite Clint Eastwood film EVER, and one of my favorite westerns as well! Gorgeous cinematography, a fantastic cast, a perfect script, and a talented director… I think it’s almost time to watch this one again…

Trailer Tracks

#333 - Write about the Same Event...

…from #332 with the intent of convincing the reader that you were fully to blame.  Which version of the story is more convincing?

Let me ask you a question: would you trust an idiot with your most prized possessions? 

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Summer of '92: Cowboys and Indians

Welcome back to Summer of 92, the summer series in which I take a look at the movies released in 1992, also known as the year I was born. 2,682 more words



With a restless mind,
full of unforgiving intrusions,
ripping the layered shields.

A glint of sorrow,
betrays my thoughts of moments past.

Trapped in the past, 117 more words


Careless, Unforgiving, Nasty, and Tyrannical

Condemned to constant punishment and hatred.

Unbelievably merciless and emotionally painful.

Newfound bitterness and spite.

Totalitarian in your beliefs and expectations of others.

You are a Careless, Unforgiving, Nasty, and Tyrannical person, without… 21 more words


AFI Top 100 Movies #5: Unforgiven, A Gun Fighter's Internal Struggle

A few days ago my mom had me continue my cultural journey by watching another movie that was on the list. The next movie we watched was Unforgiven. 767 more words


Schizophrenic times

We cross giant earth bridges
For life was never this divine
Never this wary of sacrifice
These edgy and neurotic soils
Each suspicion hidden in things

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