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Unfortunate Circumstances

Well I haven’t written in a few days because I’ve been real bummed out. I started working for a car dealership in Bay City, Texas about 2 1/2 months ago, and in Texas you have to be with a company 3 months to get unemployment. 714 more words

The perfect crime

Weed. It’s something people who live in Vancouver know a lot about, or at least know that it’s rampant. My roommate currently works for one of the pop up dispensaries that are gracing our city with their presence. 201 more words


Not Unfortunate

Narniacs. We loved Narnia. We listened to Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre productions continuously in our minivan. Bailey even took on a slightly British accent from listening so much. 574 more words


Just venting

Lately, well appoximatly these last few months I’ve been feeling rather worthless. Ive been too upset to do anything, let me say it now, yes this is a soap box/rant and yes I know I havent earned the right to makes all of the 12 people who took time out of their busy days to click a subcribe button sit down and read my life problems. 552 more words


Day Six

Day Six of my sudden unemployment and now dire situation and the only thing giving me any sort of satisfaction in playing Angry Birds Rio. Something so strangely satisfying about causing mass destruction to the little monkeys dangling precariously from¬†¬†game’s haphazardly constructed tropical structures. 165 more words

Angry Birds

Facebook lately

or any ads on any site in general really…

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November, Be nice: NaBloPoMo # 2

Well, I wish this November goes nice. It’s been months since any month has gone all well.

Life is a mess. Nothing is certain and nothing lasts forever. 42 more words

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