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Where should your brand not be seen?

You know how advertising landscape has changed from “me too” to “we believe you want this”.

Whatever content you consume, decides what ads should reach you which leads to more conversion down the sales funnel. 109 more words

Chocolate Cakes and Broken Toilets

Ever had one of those moments where everything seems to go wrong and you hopelessly ask yourself if life can get any worse?

It’s usually at this point that life laughs at you and says¬† 2,525 more words


That's an unfortunate situation (18 photos)

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Domestic Violence Charges

An unfortunate reality is that arguments and disagreements can spiral out of control. When the argument is between family members, escalations in verbal or physical disputes can result in one or more individuals being charged with domestic violence. 64 more words

Never Give Up

We met Nichael, who is homeless, at a stoplight. Upon giving us his life story, he left us with the words “Never Give Up”.

Nichael Mosier may be “of the less fortunate” or “homeless”. ¬†

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My Choice: Fortunate over Unfortunate

In Chaim Potok’s The Chosen, Danny hits a softball right at Reuven’s face. The ball breaks Reuven’s glasses, and the shards lodge in and scratch his eye – sending Reuven to the hospital. 510 more words

Disgusting Experience On The Bus Home Tonight

So, I got on my first bus home tonight. Being after 5pm, the bus was very busy, all but one set of seats were full. … 143 more words

My Life