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For the Sake of the Poor

Christmas is fast approaching. I know that most of us don’t really want to think about it yet, but will you bear with me just once as I share a few things with you?   493 more words

Two people who were once very close can without blame or grand betrayal become strangers. Perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world.

Warsan Shire

Last resort

You contacted me again today


I’m tired Z

Stop playing games.

Why should I welcome back knowing fine well you’ll leave me again.


Trunchbull Fight - The Most Scared You Have Ever Been? Act II

Matilda’s Teacher is Miss Jennifer Honey and she is just as sweet as her name.

Unfortunately for her, she is also the estranged niece of The Trunchbull. 57 more words


Easy Cum, Easy Go.

This is my first dick post Gallo.

For reference, Gallo wasn’t wielding a baby’s forearm but a solid 7″ with a turtle neck and tidy balls. 173 more words


welcome back weary travellers.

There are often days when I wonder if life is intended to be performed in a series of unfortunate events.

How many times have you come to the realisation that your underwear are on inside out? 158 more words