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So Close, Yet So Far (reverse culture shock)

A toddler in a tube top struts by me with her buddy in tow toting purses near bursting with pieces of pleasure.  Obviously they already made it to the candy store; on their own.  582 more words


9.14 Sparkling Stars : cache of crows


9.14 cache of crows

how unfortunate
for a cache of crows to be
known as a ‘murder’

and yet by some other folk
are treated with due respect… 43 more words


Topic 8: An Open Letter to 'Fashion' Retailers.

Why is it so bloody difficult to get any kind of job on a shop floor without any prior experience ?

While youth unemployment is at it’s lowest due to economic troubles, it’s seemingly getting difficult to even score a Christmas Casual position at a fashion retail joint, (I shan’t name names) as they require retail experience! 349 more words


8:10PM. I went rock climbing with my bff last night. We drove because it was dark and kind of chilly.

$6.75 to park for an hour? 103 more words


Ways to a Happy Life - Misery Upon Misery


The last post talked about the attitude of a person, who has true faith + righteous deeds, on receiving good and bad. In this one, we will discuss the attitude of the person who does not have true faith + righteous deeds and how he reacts on receiving favourable and unfavourable things in his life. 568 more words


My Series of Unfortunate Events: Part One

I’m numbering this as ‘Part one’ because as we all know, my life is the epitome of embarrassing and unfortunate so there will be a part 2 soon. 749 more words