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So Intertwined

Everything feels so unfortunate…
“I love this coat! I’m so glad my mom got the zipper fixed.”
“No, I didn’t get it there, I got this one in Montreal, with my splurge money”, remember?” 228 more words

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Stupid Pigeon

hid my head to dodge the stupid pigeon
but the pigeon misunderstood it, for a bow
and laid a white treasure chest on my head. 11 more words


Subliminal Scribble 65

In life there is no escaping the occurrence of negative situations.

Over such unfortunate circumstances, we have no control.

However, the severity of how badly it affects us is entirely within our power.

Top 10 Inappropriate Candy Names

Take your PC hat off, because here we go. 490 more words


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Who can't use a little humor at this season of the year?
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More on the RU Buses

Dear Freshmen,

I was thinking¬†of all the fun (yes, I’m being sarcastic) “bus-moments” that I have experienced during my four years here and thought: 664 more words