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Pink-Yellow-Neongreen-White-Turquoise Abstract Painting (4)

On Monday night, dead night, Lydia defriended me.  On Thursday, I thought, and thought and thought about her.  As I walked home, I filled with a choking emptiness.   742 more words

I Thought We Were Friends...until you deleted me from Facebook.

After a couple of days of seeing a steady stream of statuses and pictures from a particular person on my Facebook timeline, I should’ve noticed when their notifications stopped appearing in my feed. 571 more words

9 Ways To Become The Most Loathed Girl On Facebook

1. Post the details of your workout every day.

OK, we’re all fans of staying active and healthy here, but unless you are seriously accomplishing something hugely inspirational (like, you used to weigh 200 pounds and now you’re 125), we DO NOT care that you just ran three miles. 935 more words

The Foundation of Friendship

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Today we are starting a brand new series called, “Friending.” And we probably should have kept the youth in here for this series because it is so important in their stage of development. 3,668 more words