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Pot & Kettle.

Bending over backwards just to make you happy, but you don’t see things through my eyes – you see them through your own inverted telescope. What’s so unfortunate is that you can look at me while I jump through hoops for you and then slap me in the face for not doing more.   88 more words

If I thought before I spoke then I would only be thinking... not speaking.

That’s a bit random but that’s what I feel like sometimes when I stay up late doing essays for fun… it’s wired because I actually enjoy it as that’s the only time that I don’t have people talking to me and it’s just me, my earphones and a shit load of writing! 391 more words

51 Blessings

51 Blessings & Counting

This subject has been on my mind for quite a while now.  You hear people say, “count your blessings”, all the time. 469 more words

Job-Hopping? Make Friends With Your Local Zombie

Need a better job?     Job-hopping can be every bit a slam-dunk as the award-winning invasion of Iraq!


Just buddy-up with, & form a network with, one of the many “corporate zombies.”          40 more words

4/16/14 Morning Musing - Not Measuring Up

I was putting together my to-do list this morning and noticing the piddly little stuff that is on it…stuff that nobody notices that I do: Go to Aldi’s to get hormone-free milk and hormone-free eggs, buy Easter-basket stuff for the kids for this weekend, wash everyone’s sheets today, buy bagels at Einstein’s for stocking the freezer for breakfasts, morning musing, cleaning the coffee pot, disinfecting the kitchen counters…and I started to feel self-conscious. 581 more words


A Tale of Chefs, Brats, and Eggs

This weekend I stopped by one of the dining halls on campus to grab a breakfast sandwich from the grill. Let me tell you, I was beyond psyched for this sandwich. 544 more words


Ungrateful People ~

Some people are ungrateful,
no matter what you do
some just think they deserve
to be catered to.

Some people can’t be thankful,
they don’t know how to say… 75 more words

Christian Poetry