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Iggy, ungrateful.

Iggy, guess what?


We got nominated for an award!

“We did? Oh boy! What kind of award?”

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

“Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” 625 more words


Respectful Children

Have you ever been in public and saw a child treating his or her parents – or god forbid, a complete stranger – like he or she simply didn’t see them as anything more than… 266 more words


The Ramblings of a...somewhat progressed man

It has been a few months since the last time I have written here. and strangely enough, I’m writing at work on my lunch break, squeezing what i can in a 40 minute time frame. 1,370 more words

Abit Confused

How selfish can I be?

Iv never thought about what I have, all I seem to do is think about what I don’t have. How selfish can I be? Some truthful words from Kourtney Kardashian… 292 more words

Why should you be thankful for your health?

I bet that all and each one of us, Homo sapiens, went through those times when we are┬álike “what’s life worth living for” or “life isn’t fair” and the list goes on. 271 more words

Angels Talking

There were two angels living in Heaven. One of them was always resting, and the other was constantly traveling from earth to God.

The resting angel asked the other: 86 more words

Moral Reads

Ungrateful Cody

The mutual friend sees Cody again. This time at Dave and Busters having lunch with a TV personality. Again the friend tries to approach him to make amends and again met with a cold shoulder. 31 more words